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Many... Many Bugs.

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GUI Scaling: Absolutley Fails. Since the last update I have had problems with almost every aspect of the GUI and it's scaling including abillities, scoreboard, wrong icons etc. I would also like to bring to attention that the HUD still has gaps in the health bar sure it's very very minor but if this game is going to be a polished game this needs to be fixed.

Fog of War: Fog of war does not display on low graphics anymore why not?? This also aids Warwick for some reason he can get really really close before he appears in your sight range.

Graphics Overheating and fan problems: Since the latest update my laptop has started to overheat and somehow it has disabled my graphics card in-built fan. This is not a driver error because I have downloaded the necessary drivers can anyone assist me with this?? I have a Toshiba Satelitte P100-pspa6a. I used to be able to run this game on high everything at 1680*1050 without overheating now it just goes hot as on low graphics and i get insane frame drops. A massive amount of artifcat appeared one game out of the blue and the whole top lane was not their for me at all except for health bars.

Kayle: This should be in the champion feedback however she is broken with a wamogs early game she can solo a whole team.

Amumu: Tantrum doesn't turn on/ doesn't allow you to cast, sometimes it just doesn't work then of it's own accord starts working again it's weird.

Rammus: There is still quite a large delay with puncturing taunt. Powerball still does not stun properly on hit. Rammus can also bug out Guardian angel. On the odd occasion if you die whilst in the powerball as rammus your guardian angel will not work I have died from this multiple times.

Soraka: Too weak late game.

Veigar: Needs to have a rethink of some kind he is almost completley useless with any build. You can only succeed with Veigar if you get lucky.

Runes: Various updates change and duplicate runes for example I had 6 Quintessence of Avarice they changed into quintessence of wisdom. Also movespeed runes still don't seem to work.

Random spell graphics: If you choose Taric sometimes a random spell effect will come across your screen.

Cho'Gath: Cho'Gath's Rupture abillity does not always stun the target or slow.

The champion icons in the summoner page are all viewed as Toxic Shot.

On low graphics the terrain outside the level is viewable looks terrible.

Champions can randomly get stuck in siege tanks.