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Release Notes v1.0.0.115

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WoW Riot, I watch your commentary videos and logic and reason behind your balancing but you're ABSOLUTELY killing me here.... First it was my Garen a ways back and now my Renekton!? do you not want anyone to enjoy playing tanky dps?

Look at the math... its not a buff considering .3 ratio difference isnt gonna top 15 dmg even if you had 400 dmg (it would give you +12)

But regardless my personal Renekton build is devastated from the HoG nerf... (was really enjoying double HoG, Brutalizer, Av Blade, Greed--into rest of my items and riding that gold over time x4... but even with the cheaper HoG I feel totally dumb stacking em without that handy armor...

sigh I guess im back to playing non squishy ap hybrids.... better relearn my akali and kat

0.3*400=120, not 12. L2Math. That's pretty much a buff in every way.

As for tanky DPS, they need to be outright ****ing deleted from the game, not pretty much BUFFED like they did in this patch.

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So tanky dps is still rocking after this patch. I have no idea why they changed Renekton but not Jarvin. It's still commonplace to see Jarvin rocking games without a single damage item on him (I just witnessed him going 10-1 with nothing but merc treads, hearts of gold, and TWO force of natures(?!).