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LoL Trainer - on youtube?

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Hi everyone, ive decided to stream video slideshows with instructions and tips to guide and help new players and veterans at the game of League of Legends.
In sorry if i seem to sound like an annoying twit but you can find me on Youtube if you search Da5thProject. Leave a message for a hero request that you might want to get a little tip on.

I only make the video after I master the character. To be clear either that or I have a clear input of each heroes capabilities as well as their weaknesses and counters.

For each hero ill be going over
-Their Origin Story
-Spells and how they can be used
-Multiple different item builds such as DPS/Tank/Ap/Support/Hybrids (vary with each hero)
-How each heroes skills scale with AP. For example Nunu's ultimate has a 2.5:1 ratio meaning that for each abilty power point he has he get a bonus 2.5 damage more. (100AP=250DMG)
-Play Styles - Defensive(also known as turtle playing)/Offensive(Aggressive)/Timing
-COUNTERS a big thing because what your enemies team is composed of determines your item structure.

I Hope you can enjoy my videos when you need some sort of guidence
The first one will be posted by FEB 28

Da5thProject on youtube

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Great to hear! Be sure to submit some links to my competition (http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=61250) to have a shot at some RP