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Best Taric build?

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What is the best build for Taric? Is it DPS, Tank/support, AP, or what?

How do players in High ELO use taric? I'm having a hard time doing well with taric in any given build, and the guides all seem outdated or their strategies don't work too well.

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I play taric as an auramancer, especially if you have a physical-dps heavy team. Chalice of Harmony, move3 boots, Starks, Aegis. Even though I dont have any mana runes, I have no issues from chalice and his passive (the AS really helps you crank out some free mana) He's not a hero-killer obviously, but he can stomp towers and really crank your teams dmg. Partner him early with another stun like sion/annie/whoever, and you can crank some early kills.

It may be tempting to try dps (armor reduc, stun, and bonus dmg built in) but it really wont pay off. Get youreself a starks and bash enemies armor straight through.

I rune 3/6/21, getting the ap/lvl, armor/mag resist in the 1st two trees. Ghost is exellent on him, and for the other I like teleport, flash or clairvoyance if no one else takes it.

He's a lot of fun since he can take a hit and really boost your team, but my build is heavy on the healing and lifesteal for survival, so watch for executioners. Hope this helps you at all!

EDIT: I wouldn't do this in pub games as much, since he's so team-dependent and you really cant predict how your random team will act. I've had too many times where i run in on a 5v4, only to have my team leave and leave me fighting a 5v1...

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I tried it, and it seemed to work, until in the team fights everything just went to nowhere. But it was a pub game....

I'm just getting so freaking sick of playing carry. If I am not carry, I do not win. Simple as that.

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I personally go two ways. If you're in a premade with friends, I tend to go down the util tree with a lil in defense, and mash together auras. I start with a pendant, build it up to a chalise (both of these are optional, just my thing), then go mana manip, and soul shroud. CD reduction is nice and Taric, and everyone will love you for the aura. After this if they have high melee DPS, I tend to go Aegis, if not, Starks. If the game goes long enough, both. Spirit Visage is nice as well for keeping yourself alive ontop of some magic resist.

If I solo que, I go more for a mixed AP build. Start with pendant, build it up to a codex, eventually getting Nash's Tooth (One of the only characters I feel that actually benefits from it). Attack speed means more mana and shorter CD heals, good CD reduction base, and your heal is I think 0.9 or 0.8 AP ratio, your stun is 1, shatter is less but still makes it hurt more, and your ult.. every little bit counts. From here it's more based on taste. I like the Ryly's (or however it's spelt) scepter for the HP, and slow from my AoE, or you could get a little crazy and get a DFG to help drop the enemy tank.

In either build I play as a pusher/healer. It'l be hard to take you down with your high HP and the armor buff from Shatter, and your heals are some of the best in the game (IMO) if you're always in the fray, spammable, heals for quite a lot and heals yourself at the same time, so on so on. Pick up Rally, and in big team fights drop it, and your ult at the same time.

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What is the best build for Taric? Is it DPS, Tank/support, AP, or what?

How do players in High ELO use taric? I'm having a hard time doing well with taric in any given build, and the guides all seem outdated or their strategies don't work too well.

A defensive specced Taric is a beast to be dealt with. This is how I build my Taric:

Masteries: 0/23/7 (http://www.fieldsofjustice.com/mastery/#/PqZyalawyawZyZaua)

Of course, you can modify this slightly and still end up with an effective build. Regardless, I find this works very well for my use.

You can tell which two summoner spells I take via my masteries. They are Heal and Ghost.

Heal for obvious reasons, and one not-so-obvious one. The not-so-obvious reason is that you can usually delay your 1st level of Taric-heal (Q) until level 2 or 3, so that you can take Dazzle first.

Ghost is freaking incredible on Taric. It is so much better than Flash, mostly due to the mechanics of Dazzle. As you know, Dazzle's stun is indirectly based on the distance you are away from someone. This means the further you are away from the enemy, the longer they are stunned. This, alone, makes Ghost superior to Flash. There are other reasons I choose Ghost over Flash but I won't go into them here.

Item choices:

Start: Meki Pendant.
At 500 gold, I make a decision: Go back and get Chalice now, or wait until 850.
At 850 if I didn't go back at 500, I blue pill and get my Chalice + Tier 1 Boots.

The above two items are all you really need for a long time. If you find yourself back at base, feel free to buy stuff, but many times I will end up with just these two items, 4k gold, and 0 deaths, being as I virtually never return to base.

Now for the real items:

Turn boots into Mercury Treads or Boots of Mobility.*
If you have 1250 gold at this point, buy a Spirit visage.
If you have less than 1250 gold, buy a Stinger (900g)
Complete the Stinger or Spirit Visage, whichever you didn't get last time.
Soul Shroud next
Turn your Stinger into a Nashor's Tooth
Misc item of choice**
Turn your Chalice into an Innervating Locket

*Remember, healing won't "put you in combat" so you can heal-and-run while waiting for your Boots of Mobility to kick in. Or even after they have kicked in.

**I enjoy Thornmail or Warden's Mail here, but a Guardin Angel, Aegis of the Legion, or Banshee's Veil would be a nice fit, too. This can change greatly depending on your enemies.

Ideally, this is how my item build goes in a perfect game:

Meki Pendant

At 850 gold: Turn Pendant into Chalice and buy L1 Boots

L1 Boots into Merc Treads
Spirit Visage
Soul Shroud
Stinger into Nashor's Tooth
Sell Chalice, get Innervating Locket

Usually games are easily decided before I get my Thornmail (misc defensive item.) But on occasion they go longer.

Using this setup, I end up with 0-1 deaths all game. When I had my recent 12 game winning streak, I died a total of 8 times between all 12 games. And 4 of the deaths were in one game! I simply stopped dying. It's ridiculous how durable Taric is like this.

For my level progression/spells, this is how I operate:

Level 1: Dazzle.

Nothing says "I love you" like a Ghost-Dazzle-Stun at level 1 on an unsuspecting DPS champion, while your lanemate beats the **** out of them. Even if you don't get a kill out of it, getting 1 of your enemy champions to blue pill back at the start of the game can give you a huge early advantage in your lane.

Level 2: Idealy Shatter. If you or your lanemate are being harassed, take your heal.

I can't emphasize this enough. Don't put off your heal if you need it. You are a support/healer. No need to sacrifice your laning buddy's gold income because you want to follow a guide exactly, and that guide says to get Taric's heal at level 3. Adapting to the situation is always going to be superior to following a preset guide.

With that said, I prefer Shatter at level 2, as the extra armor and AOE damage can really help out, and a level 2 Ghost-Dazzle-Shatter combination used in conjuction with your lanemate's DPS can net you an early game assist or even kill.

Level 3: Whatever you did not get at level 2.

From this point onward, you should focus on Shatter as much as possible, with the exception of level 6 and 11. On these levels you should put a point into your ultimate. If you're really getting harassed, perhaps an extra level of heal would be handy earlier, but I try to get by with a lower powered heal by healing more often. Remember, your Taric heal's cooldown is reduced by 2 seconds each time you attack something, even towers! Sometimes I'll run in to smack a tower just once if only to reduce my Taric heal's cooldown by 2 extra seconds.

Things to note:

Your Taric-heal heals yourself, even when you target somebody else. You should already know this tactic, and I hope you do, regardless, I'm saying this: For the most part, you should be healing other people before you heal yourself. On this same subject, I found an interesting anti-harassment tactic useful: If my lanemate gets harassed into staying back and I have full health, I'll run up front and beat on mobs. This will bait the enemy duo into "harassing" me. I'll let them take away 50 points here, 100 points there. Who cares? I'll be healing my lanemate back to full, and in the process healing myself too. As an added bonus, each time the enemy is attacking me, they're not attacking mobs, so their gold per minute is potentially being decreased. Additionally, they're usually casting spells on me to harass me, meaning they're using up their mana for virtually nothing. I've run some champions down to half mana doing this before they realized they were at half mana vs two full health and mana champions, because I was simply healing everything back every 8 seconds due to constant hammering on mobs.

Dazzle is a 1 point wonder. There can be legitimate reasons for putting more than 1 point into it early on, but I won't go into why here. I won't go into why because I don't feel it's worth it. Dazzle does max stun length at 1 point into. Dazzle is to be used as a 2 second stun primarily, and as an ulti-stopper secondarily (channeled ults, like Nunu, Fiddle, and Karth has.) If you want to research strategies used like this, go for it, I don't like it much.

Don't be afraid to buy an Oracle. Even if the enemy team's only stealth is Teemo. You are Taric. With your Chalice (and late-late-later your Locket) you can stay in the back and be an effective and productive member of your team. An active Oracle can be not only life saving, but kill producing too. Many Stealth champions wander around like they're always invisible...because, well, they are! They will literally walk right into your 5 man group, only to be greeted by 5 power moves all at once. An Oracle is well worth its cost, especially if you can not die. This is also why I never fill up my inventory until late-late-late-late game. This is the part of the game when you have so much gold you can sell your boots, buy every elixir, and rebuy your boots back, and still have a few hundred gold left over. Other than that, save room for an Oracle if the enemy team deems it necessary.

Your ultimate doesn't just heal. It increases damage, too! Is a champion going to possibly survive the stun-trap you setup? Did your 3man gank just take out a lane, and now you and 2 other champions are beating on a tower early game with your creeps quickly dying? Don't be afraid to use your ultimate offensively. Especially around allied champions like Teemo, Twitch, and Sivir. You increase their damage by 40% per attack, each, at level 6. That may mean the difference between getting the tower down before all your creeps die, or after all your creeps die. I've also got myself a kill right as I hit 6 with a Ghost-Dazzle-Shatter-Ulty-smack*2 combination. Most people won't be expecting that much damage from you at level 6, especially if you've put 3 points into Shatter through levels 1-5 like I suggest.

Your ultimate sucks up more mana per second the longer it's on. But it has a very short cooldown. If you're getting into harassment fights, you know, where someone jumps in, then runs away, like Jax, Shako, Kat, and Corki tend to do a lot, don't be afraid to pop your ultimate for about 2 seconds or so. Your ultimate is extremely mana/hp efficient if used for only 1 or 2 seconds. It will probably be back up sooner than you need it. I frequently use my ultimate in short bursts like this, and it helps keep my Taric Heal available because there isn't always a mob to smack around.

During team fights, don't be afraid to beat on minions. Depending on how the fight is going, you may or may not be able to move up to the front lines. If you are stuck "in the back" for whatever reason, try to find something to beat on while still being in range of the fight. Remember your can heal more frequently if you beat on mobs, than without beating on mobs. Ideally you'd want to be beating on champions to lower your heal's cooldown, but beating on mobs gets the job done, too.

Try not to pop your shatter around a champion unless it's to get a kill or ensure a kill. Okay, this is one of those things where you shouldn't follow it exactly. If you catch 5 champions all in a small cluster, and are in no risk of dying yourself, an extra 300*5 damage (or more!) to a team fight can be very helpful. Especially with the armor decrease, too. However, you and your allies are losing out on 30 Armor EACH (at max level.) Learning when to pop Shatter will really come down to trial and error. I'm probably a bit too quick to pop my Shatter, as I love to harass people away, but I've also get a TON of Kill Steals with Shatter, too. One game I went 5/0/6 while my teammates were all 1/0/8, and 2/1/5 at the 25 minute mark. Oops! They all forgave me though, especially after I came out with that Soul Shroud buff.

And that's about it. Once you develop map knowledge, and how to use Ghost (both offensively, and defensively) you will pretty much stop dying. Although, rule number 1 of Taric is "don't be alone." You never, ever, want to be alone. Ever rule has its exceptions, but I attribute my low death these past 20+ due to simply never being gankable. Besides, you're Taric. You should be healing other people, not yourself.

Is this the "Best Taric Build." That's highly subjective. It works well for me, and how I play.

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The best taric build is one that helps your team, and stays alive long enough to do so.

For the last reason i do not suggest starks on him. thats 2.7k gold that could have gone to make you less squishy. Unless you have atleast 2 DPS heroes and none of them are good starks candidates.

Catalyst, merc treads, aegis (core), glacial shroud, finish banshee if enemy is primarily magic, finish frozen heart if enemy is primarily physical.

It's also a very good idea to hug the golem sigils.

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Here's generally how I play him. Of course its all fluid depending on who your enemies are so get banshee over frozen heart if mostly casters.


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1. Meki
2. Chalice
3. Merc boots (seriously, no competent team is without stuns/snares/slows/nukes)
4. Aegis
5. Starks if you have more than one physical carry, soul shroud if you have more than one heavy caster or banshee veil if you are the only tanky hero on your team.