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Jax runes, help choose?

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yes, jax is UP
yes, jax is basically "dodge worthy"

but i enjoy playing him, and he is fun, i never go terribad with him, always do decent.

but i have no rune set with him

i play jax

---> hp regen pendant
---> sheen
---> dodge boots
---> fill out tri
---> then whatever the situation calls for

i talent him 11/0/19 talented, or so, changes..

i never really rely on stun, it seems to always be there when i need it, or its on cooldown when not procd.

i aim more for the charge then leap strike, but i was wondering what runes i should get, was hoping for suggestions?


thanks to any input


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Senior Member


Hrm, just a quick thing, I would say you should consider putting 9 in the defensive mastery tree, it will get you 6 MR which is nice on a champ that is weak to magic, 2% more dodge, which is good for obvious reasons, and best of all Nimbleness because then EVERY time you dodge you will get a temporary speed boost, which will get you around and get you out of a lot of difficult situations.

As far as Runes, I play AP Jax so I run Attack Speed Marks, Dodge in Yellow and Quints, and AP/Level from Blue, but if you are playing as more physical, I would suggest to make your blue into either Cooldown reduction per level or flat Mana. For Yellow i would keep dodge, and for quints I would go either dodge or Flat HP (because it is always good). In red you have the biggest toss up because even as physical jax you have a decent amount of magic damage, so Armor Pen might not be your best choice... but I would find what works best for you between armor pen, attack speed, and crit damage.

Attack speed is really powerful on jax, but often your items will take you to the point that you are hitting the max (2.5 attacks per second). Same with armor pen in that both Black Cleaver and Last whisper are (seperately) good on Jax. If you regularly are buying either of those it might not be worth getting any armor pen runes... as far as crit damage, I would only suggest it if your items call for it. If you have Infinity edge and Phantom Dancer (two items that are commonly bought by Jax) then you are going to be critting an extensive amount of the time and crit damage will be your most powerful runes possible.

I don't usually run physical jax, but you could try any of those out and see if you have luck, you may have to mix and match to find what you like... as fillers, crit chance and MPen probably aren't bad on him either.