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Poppy runes question

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I have recently started playing Poppy. I must admit she is pretty fun hence I intend to buy her. As it is now Im lvl 20 and have around 6000 ip, - 1350 its 4650. Im playing in a bit of a ***** way: my mastery build is full Offence while my item build consist mainly (except mandred) of tankish items. I usually go something around this: Mandred, Mercury, Banshee, Frozen Heart. I know its not adamant Tank nor DPS however I pretty much enjoy it. Up till lvl 20 I have been putting only CD Reduction runes mainly due to the fact that I have played various heroes including Annie, Ryze, Morgana hence CD reduction seemed universal. Now I don't know what to choose since I have reached tier 3. Should I go armour / magic resist ? (as many Poppy guides suggest) Or should I continue filling slots with CD red ?
As I said I have just started playing Poppy yesterday so Im pretty new to this character, so any suggestions are more than welcome.