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My Anivia build needs your suggestions

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So... uh. As the title says, I'm looking for comments on my Anivia build. I'm mid ELO, level 19 at the moment. My wins are typically about 5 above my losses, although I am rarely the carry. Most of my last thirty games or so have been with Anivia, and I've developed an item build of my own off of some previously existing guides by Remni and AFKush.

Masteries: 9/0/however many I have
Spells: I always bring teleport, which I feel is necessary for map control with such a slow character and my late boots. I have also been using flash recently just because of its ability to save your life every so often (flash into turret range = win). I also have an affinity for Rally, and I may be taking it more often as well.
Runes: Confession here, I haven't bought any runes since level 4 or so. I have a couple mana per level runes, but that's it. I'm waiting to hit level 20 to avoid wasting IP. Please, tell me which runes you like to use. I find that Anivia could always use mana or mana regen, but I've heard that speed or health quints are nice (I could sure use the speed...)

-Sapphire(mana) crystal + hp potion
-Chalice of Harmony (Chalice of double mana regeneration I have found is almost vital if you're out of base for long periods of time and your team needs/steals the golem rune.)
-Boots of speed and Ruby(health) crystal
-Catalyst the Protector/Sorcerer's Shoes/Mejai's Soulstealer (At this point I typically have a good idea of whether the mejais will be wasted on me or not. If I'm owning, I'll get it first in preparation for the first team showdown. If not, I'll get the extra speed or extra levelling survivability from the other two items.
-Catalyst -> Rod of Ages
-Tear of the Goddess + Blasting wand -> Archangel's (You need a massive mana pool. Might as well be getting AP for it.)
-Zhonyas Ring(Enemy has no magic resist) or Abyssal Scepter (Enemy has little magic resist) or Void Staff (Enemy is stacking magic resist) or Deathfire Grasp (Enemy team is all tanks)
-Zhonyas Ring, or the next applicable item on the previous tier. Sell the chalice if I have Mejais.

Endgame item build:
-Sorcerer's Shoes
-Rod of Ages
-Mejai's Soulstealer or Chalice of Harmony
-Archangel's Staff
-Zhonya's ring
-Abyssal Scepter, Void Staff, or Deathfire Grasp
Yeah, it rarely happens, but I can dream, right?
If you want me to explain the reasoning behind any of these items, or have any suggestions to improve my item build/order, go ahead and post!

1-Flash Frost
2-Frost Bite
6-Glacial Storm
8-FF (or Crystallize, if I feel its necessary for some reason)
I will move Crystallize down even further if I feel its necessary to stop an enemy who always escapes with only a few hitpoints, or if team fights are occuring in the jungle.

Take a double lane unless our team has no significant carry. If nobody wants mid, I'll take it. Harass the enemy as much as possible. Find the one with less regen, less health, or possibly less intelligence. Abuse my ridiculous attack range. Use Flash Frost when I'm fairly sure I can hit, always follow it up with frostbite for double damage at half mana cost if possible. Keep the harassment up. Hopefully I'll score a kill, force a teleport, or at least keep their tower last hitting. Keep using mana to damage their health unless they have good health regen. Run out of mana at approximately 1000 gold. Teleport back to refill and buy Chalice for even more spamming.

I used to get Frostbite whenever possible, but I think you scale up your damage faster by splitting the points between the two spells. There are times, particularly when the enemy is tower hugging, when you can still hit them badly with Flash Frost, but would die if you ran in to Frostbite. Keeping my FF level up allows me to do more harassment early, although at a slightly higher mana cost. I rarely run out of mana before I can buy Chalice, and I often force the enemy to retreat or get an assist or kill if my partner is bright.

Return to my lane and continue until I'm forced back to refill health or mana. Buy whatever I can, and prepare for midgame.

In midgame, I throw down a combo of Storm/Wall to block escape/Frostbite/Flash Frost on a nice slow target/Frostbite again, canceling the storm whenever they get out of its AoE. I get the golem buff whenever possible, giving it up only to the carry or a better mage. I use wall whenever possible to separate their initiator from their team during a team battle as well as block my teammates escape if we are doing poorly. A sequential casting of Wall/Storm/FF+FB will keep the enemy from chasing you and do fairly good damage. If I'm out of mana, I cast storm for a split second whenever possible just to provide the AoE slow.

Late game, stay at the back of team fights, swooping in after your FF projectile to FB and then back out again, using Storm on groups of enemy heros. Use storm for an entire creep wave or FF for a creep mage wave. Continue using wall to split their team. Use Storm to push towers or defend your own. Only worry about getting kills if you have Mejais. I typically will get a mejais even for the assists, because it gives a fairly easy +80 AP or higher bonus for only 1200 gold, where the same bonus costs you over 2000 in other items. I don't 'fully' die often because of the egg. In a teamfight, even if I die, my team has time to deal damage as the enemy are beating down an egg with +armor and resist to avoid more spell spamming. I use my mana often. The golem buff is amazing, but even with just the chalice I can spam Flash Frost fairly often, and Frostbite when it hits. I typically have the most or second most creep kills due to amazing splash damage abilities. The golem buff in particular lets you storm every creep wave and still have mana to fight.

So... that's pretty much how I play Anivia. Any questions, comments, or suggestions are welcome. Flaming and trolling are not. Thanks!

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I tend to go with magic pen. marks, MP5/level seals, and flat CDR glyphs. Quints I rather like movement speed, because otherwise karthus just q spams me to doom.

In terms of items, I actually don't find I need chalice. It's really useful, but I prefer to instead prioritize the catalyst, grabbing the boots with that if I've laned well enough, and then rush RoA. It means you have to be a little more careful spamming skills early on before you grab the catalyst (and speed wise, considering you're going to be a slow ice chicken), but once you have it you can stay in lane a good amount. I just find the early survivability and AP too much to put off. Then I grab sorc boots, and after that it's either Meja's if I'm kicking ass, or tear if not, possibly mr/armor, archangels, and my endgame is pretty much the same as yours.

Or, if I'm going to solo, I grab a doran's ring instead of the crystal. Extra 10 AP and the health go a long way.

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Its true that the catalyst gives you a fairly steady mana income as well at low levels. I think your mp5 runes are helping where I don't have anything but chalice. Of course, once you start getting the golem buff it's almost a moot point, but I still have the golem buff stolen or required by teammates enough that I run out of mana.

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your going more the farmer approach then the killer approach. I personally don't like this but you have 30 games under your belt as anivia so i am sure you have your preferences there too.

I have a heavy in AP and magic pen rune book.
A completely different build you could enjoy in a completely different way would be to go prioritise frost bite over frost flash. and getting your wall earlier. i know the skipping a level in FF seems like a big deal. but i personally get a lot more kills if i do max lvls in FB first and get 1 level of wall.

This type of build i also go with a much higher in magic penetration.

my first 2 items i use to start building Haunting Guise(both regens)
then i build boots and rod of ages. i finish my rod of ages before i finish my Hunting Guise.
i still have it just as quick, close to 20mins mark usualy in a typical game but a bit earlier if i am getting fed, which is usualy the case... people dont deal well with wall + FB at all.

once i have rod of ages i go for Abyss Scepter. so more magic pen.
at this point i have almost 80 magic pen with my rune book and items.
if the game isnt over i suggest you either get survival items or a zhonja's but really with 80 magic pen you just obliterate everyone even most tanks that have a few pieces of the armor.

Banshee wont help people protect themselves from your combos at all either because of your low CD ult.

Try out the build and let me know how you feel. i perosnalyl have a lot more fun with this destructive build then your farmer build.

i have a anivia as my 2nd most played hero after singed and i have just about a 2:1 win/loss ration with 2:1:4 k:d:a ratio with her. Mostly do the first 6,7 games of getting used to and learning to play this complicated char.