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Nightmare Cho

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I have had pretty good results with Cho using this build. Currently i have won 15 games and lost 7 with this cho build, and my score is 162/66/170
This isnt for a solo, leave that to a ranged dps who will dominate late game, like tris or teemo. your job is to get huge, and take the hits, silence and slow/stun the enemies while your team mates do the bulk of the damage, throw in a feast if you know you will last hit, as it only does half dmg now if it doesn't kill. Even if you would do 300dmg, and they have 302 hp, you will only do 150. I usually play as nightmare skin, just because it looks cooler.

This is my first attempt at a guide, so any help/criticism will be helpful.


This is your early game harasser. Try to be creative, if they catch on and move backwards, put it a little behind them, if they move forward, put it forward, etc.
Late game this is used for 3 things.
1. Stopping fleeing champions, make sure you know where he will get too, so you put it at max range.
2. Stunning the enemy carry so your team can pewpew him.
3. Saving your team mate who is being chased, anticipate where the enemy will get too, and put a rupture down, stunning+slowing them so your allie gets to safety.
*Note. Sometimes using Rupture-> Feral Scream->auto attack-> feast can take out some of those more squishy champs, be sure you know they are low enough on health for it to kill them, otherwise you have no means of escape, and your feast is now on cooldown

Feral Scream(W)-
Early game, this isn't that useful, unless your against a very aggressive caster. I usually get 1 point in it if necessary early game.
Mid game, this is pretty decent for farming. You can take a whole wave of minions with (Q) then (W) and the effects from (E). Don't blow them all if you know you will need them soon, but if you have a high number of minions building up coming to a tower, and no champ, well why not score some golds?
Late game, this is very handy in silencing those nasty casters. If you see a ryze or annie, try silence them ASAP. If there is an enemy eve, and someone on your team has oricle (usually your carry) silence her while she is still stealthed, shuts her down, as all her dmg output comes from her skills. Can also be used as a last hit on fleeing champs, if you can time it right, as the range is pretty decent.

Vorpal Spikes (E)-
Aoe dmg.
Early game
, used for farming creeps, good for getting last hits. Also increases dmg on champs if you get into an early fight.
Mid game, similar to early game, but it should do a bit more dmg. Unfortunately it doesnt apply when attacking towers (unlike Sivir's) , so if your hitting a tower, dont expect the minions to do down as well.
Late game, good for farming creeps to get the expensive items we need. You can jungle a little if your low on cash, (Q), (W) and auto attack can take out most the creeps, if not, dont worry, your health pool will save you long enough to bring them down.
Also, if your team has a group stun, like amu or nunu, your Spikes can hit many of the champs at once, maximizing your dmg.

Mid game, if you have an enemy champ a little low on health, drop (Q) and if needed (W) then (R). You get the bonus health, and a kill, and an assist for your lane partner. If you do this twice, maybe 3 times, your lane enemies will be more weary, and will be less aggressive. If your (R) is off CD, and there are no low hp champs, use it on a minion, preferably the tank one. Yes, your wasting dmg, but your a tank, and you need the health. Besides, that gives you just over 1 minute to get a champ low enough to (Q)->(W)->(R) them.
Late game, if you have played right, you should have 6 stacks of feast, and you only have this for dmg. You will be a giant black hunk of fear. The enemy team will focus on you, because they hate the fact your huge, and still alive. (R) can be very effective in taking the squishier champs who are low on health. Try target their carry, if he is about 1/4 health, then generally (R) should finish them off.

Skill build-


Item build-
Mana Manipulator- this is a nice first item, as you can harass more with (Q) and if you lane with someone who is mana dependant, it helps then harass and stay in lane longer.
Warmog's Armor- i wait till i have 1650+ gold, then buy Giant's belt and Ruby Crystal. Go back when you have enough to finish the armor.
Boots- (Boots of mobility or Ninja Tabi) depending on the situation. If they have mostly mages, go with Mobility, just to help get around. But ill pick up the extra defence and dodge if i need it. Depends how you like to play i suppose.
Sunfire Cape- Alot of people seem not to like it, but the added health and AOE is very effective, especially in team fights, farming creeps, and jungling if you need the money.
Mana manipulator->Soul shroud / Atma's impailer- The health frmo the shroud is nice, as well as the auro for reduced CD and mana regen. Atma's is great for the extra armor and the dmg. At this point you should have ~4k health, which means 80 bonus dmg, 45 armor, and some crit chance.
Mana manipulator->Soul shroud / Atma's impailer- Whichever you didnt get ^^

Generally the game is over by now, but if for some reason its still going..

High magic team- Aegis of the legion again, some more health, and a nice aura for your team, +armor and +magic resist.
High attack team- Thornmail armor, and returns 25% of the dmg they do to you, back to them. So if you have 5k health, and a tris tries to kill you, you will deal 1.2k dmg back to her, not to meantion your team, and your skills.
If they have a variety of players and/or your dying a bit, or afraid of, get Guardian Angel armor, magic resistance, and a free res every 5mins.

So, final items should be
Warmog's Armor + Boots of mobility/Ninja Tabi +Sunfire cape + Soul Shroud + Atma's impailer + Aegis of the legion/ Thornmail/Guardian Angel.

Generally, you want to help your team win. Take the hits, silence, stun, slow, feast, scare, give auras of armor, mana regen, magic resistance. Your a team player, But can hold your own in a 1v1 also, if needed.

**note. When you sucessfully feast on a champ, it is customary to /all om nom nom
just to annoy them even more

If you feel i have left anything out, or want more tips, or want to suggest something, feel free to comment.

Just trying to help the new players from going AP cho, or DPS cho haha

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thanks, this was wicked helpful!