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My Malzahar Guide

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I don't really have a name for this build yet, can't think of anything awesome enough.

Not guaranteeing that this works for everyone, but I've been having so much luck with this, I figured I'd share.

Summoner abilities: Ignite / Flash


  • Red: Magic penetration
  • Blue: Flat mana regen -or- Ability power -or- Both!
  • Yellow: Mana regen / level.
  • Purple: Move speed

Masteries: 14/0/16
Basically going for magic penetration, mana regen and move speed.

  1. Sorcerer's Shoes
  2. Morello's Evil Tome
  3. Void Staff
  4. Rabadon's Death Cap
  5. Archangel Staff
  6. Anything you might need. Banshee's Veil or Lich's Bane are my two picks.

Skill Order priority:
  1. R
  2. Q
  3. E
  4. W
* You can switch E and Q early game if you're not mid.

Basic gist of this is that you have to become a dead-shot with your Q. Which with a bit of practice isn't too difficult. The range on it really lends itself to early game fights. Because I try to hit minions AND champs with it, it's never a complete waste. The additional spamming of it will get you voidlings which help keep minion waves back and earn you XP and gold.

This explains the heavy on CDR and mana regen. As well as the archangel's staff, which gives extra AP when you cast abilities. My AP is almost always going up once I start building it.

The move speed is really my own touch that I find helps with not just survivability, but getting to fights on time to deliver your silence and damage. Early game, it helps with positioning those perfect CoTVs, or chasing someone down with your ranged, DOT and voidling. Malz's basic attack shouldn't be underestimated early game.

Stay on tower when you think you might get ganked, keep the waves pushed back and use common sense. You can always push minion waves back wherever they are, so don't be afraid to fight close to your tower. That will starve junglers and often cause them to overextend.

If you're pushing up to a tower, create a solid wall of pain with Q and W (if you have it). It will force them back because nobody wants to get ulted by Malz. Once you're past a tower, slam your Q just behind it, and I guarantee you'll almost always hit something

Have fun!

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Junior Member


Interesting, Malzahar is probably my main champion, and I do things a little differently. But I am always open to trying different things, I will give this a try and see. Good Job!

P.S. One thing though, I am curious as to what specific masteries you took

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Junior Member


Sure thing! Actually, I just changed them up as of the initial posting. Realized that I don't need attack speed as much anymore (this build used to have attack speed to push minions and towers faster).

Now it's 9/0/21, which I think is pretty standard? The major difference before was I took Burning Embers and Alacrity.

Archmage's Savvy - 3
Deadliness - 1 (ugh)

Sorcery - 4

Archaic Knowledge - 1

Perseverence - 3
Good Hands - 1

Awareness - 4
Expanded Mind - 4

Greed - 1
Meditation - 3

Quickness - 3
Blink of an Eye - 1

Presence of the Master - 1

I don't take much in the ways of CDR there because my items tend to include enough of that. Sometimes if I need the extra speed, I get Ionian Boots instead of Sorc, but only if they aren't tanky.

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If you get sorc shoes you probably want to build a abyssal sceptor instead of void staff, its usualy beter vs anybody but their tank, and it helps your team, and it gives you defense. Theres allways the DFG vs morello's tome fight, its really up to personal taist or if they don't build magic resist but stack HP.