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Hajime no Critzcrank: THE FIGHTING. (Guide/Strategy)

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All of the other steam golems wanted to be accountants, or bakers. But you knew your calling. Getting into your jog suit, an obese dark skinned man made you run miles and miles - supposedly, his name was Heimerdinger, but we'll not get into that. You punched the bag ten, twenty, a hundred, thousands of times. You knew why you joined The League. You knew..

..you were a boxer.

However, off in the distance one day while buying hot dogs, you heard a malicious laughter. Turning your head, your eyes widened as Heimerdinger was struck down by one ferocious three-hit combo. Eyes widening, you realized who this individual was. Renekton.

Now, armed with your Steam Golem Boxing Art, you must defeat boxing greats like Udyr, Lee Sin, Mundo, Gragas, Malphite, and of course..


However, as you delve into this world of boxing, you find things aren't quite as they seem. There may be a force even darker than Renekton lurking in the shadows..

Armed with your FISTS OF TRUTH, journey into the darkness young Critzcrank, and defeat the evil.

I. Critzcrank - The Concept.
II. Pros/Cons.
III. Runes.
IV. Summoner Spells.
V. Masteries.
VI. Items.
VII. Abilities.
VIII. Strategy.
IX. Bad People.
X. Patches.
XI. Awesome Punch Maneuvers.

Blitzcrank as of his current incarnation has natural synergy with being an AD/DPS champion. His Power Fist is an extremely low CD physical nuke with tremendous Sheen/Trinity Force synergy, his ult's passive helps contribute bonus damage, his W is a great gap closer and attack speed steroid, and his passive helps him with his otherwise oft suicidal bum rushes into the enemy team.

"Why play Blitzcrank this way?" one may ask. "Why not play a tanky DPS, like-"

Name the tanky DPS that has a 1000 range grab, a spammable knock-up that makes building AD giga beneficial, an AoE silence, and that can pretty much permanently have a 32% movement speed buff and 62% attack speed buff applied at all times with no drawbacks - who gets survivability simply by having some mana in his diet.

Go on. I'll wait.


[+]Awesome. Especially if you get Boom Boom Blitzcrank.
[+]You have a lot of team utility, and are one of the most annoying champions to try and escape from in the game once you get on someone.
[+]Strong lane harass against squishies, and Power Fist saves teammates from otherwise bad situations.
[+]Monstrous damage that doesn't really need that much gold to get going.
[+]Insane turret pushing. You can go 2/11/3 and have a HORRIBLE game and still win it for your team simply because you can have a turret dead before people's teleports even kick in as an example. You eat turrets alive.
[+]Deceptive survivability.
[+]Able to munch through neutrals, so snagging a lizard or a golem later down the road and/or taking dragon if your jungler's busy is really pretty easy. Your Power Fist and Overdrive combo makes you deal some pretty insane deepz.

[-]If CC chained, can be very problematic since you lack a hard escape and aren't building full tank.
[-]Prone to being focused once people see what you're doing, which can be a blessing or a curse, situation warranting.
[-]Needs a good harass laner to dual lane with, or laning phase can be mildly problematic.


Really, this is personal preference. What you may wish to do might differ from what I like to do. Always use guides/builds with the idea in mind tweaking them may serve you better. However, these runes tend to give me good bang for their buck:

9x Greater Marks of Desolation [Armor Pen reds]
9x Greater Seals of: (Warding, Strength, Resilience, Malice). All have their advantages. Crit chance helps round out the fact you don't buy a LOT of crit until later, MR and Armor are obvious, and flat AD is so if you can get on someone early game, your Power Fist will flat them out.
9x Greater Glyphs of Focus [Cool Down Reduction]
3x Greater Quintessence of Swiftness [Movement Speed]

You may prefer to swap your quints for more armor pen, scaling AD, or flat health. However, I highly recommend the armor pen reds and CDR blues.



GHOST/IGNITE: That's right, the scrub combo. Ghost + your Overdrive will allow you to chase or escape to a ridiculous degree, and Ignite will help ensure early game kills which can help your teammate(s) or yourself get much needed income. True damage DoT and 50% reduced healing effects can be a very large difference in lane phase and even mid game on whether kills happen or not, and by extension, lane control.

FLASH: Flash as an escape mechanic, Flash -> Ult to screw over people in team fights, Flash -> Power Fist, Flash -> Rocket Grab, this can be a real clutch summoner spell and is always at least a decent pick on any champion. Critzcrank is no exception.

CLARITY: No, you won't have mana problems as Critzcrank, and that is not why I recommend this. Your passive takes 50% of your current mana when you're at 20% life and creates the mana barrier, so if your timing is right, you can pop this right before you believe you'll hit 20% life and get a much more effective barrier. However, since you're going to have a ridiculously large mana pool and this is only useful for both its purposes very early on, I'm hesitant to recommend it over other summoner spells.

CLEANSE: If up against a storm of CC, consider this. Although with how inexpensive a QSS is.. your mileage may vary.

EXHAUST: Weakens your target with the mastery, slows them, reduces their damage contribution. Not to be underestimated at all, very good summoner spell.


There's a number of builds you can try out here.

9/0/21 Advantages: You can easily nab the Flash talent or the Exhaust talent if you need to. CDR needs are met easy. Mana is raised, crit chance is raised, MS is raised, get more EXP per last hit.

9/9/12 Advantages: Max benefit from mana talents and high health regen, slightly better survivability. Exhaust and Ghost talents easily grabbed.

21/0/9 Advantages: You'll hit like a truck. Plain and simple.

8/21/1 Advantages: Much bulkier, access to the Cleanse talent, still able to get core offensive tree talents and Haste.

I personally prefer 9/0/21, but - versatility in anything's the way to go.


Doran's Shield
Meki's Pendant + 2 HP Potions

Doran's Shield gives you durability, health, and health regen. It's just an all around good item to start off with.

However, Meki's Pendant + 2 Health Pots is also decent, as it'll allow you to skill spam a bit more, and already be on your way towards your core build. And if you have to back before you can get Tear, I highly recommend going ahead and snagging Meki + 2 Health Pots, as it's very cheap and effective at sustaining your lane.

Mercury or Ionian Boots.

Sheen has great synergy with your Power Fist and contributes a lot of damage for cheap.

Manamune is arguably best fit for Blitzcrank, since his passive is better the more mana you have, and his E combined with the high attack rate he'll have makes filling it up a breeze - very cost effective and will contribute quite a surprising bit of attack damage.

On boots, you either want Merc Treads [CC is da devil], or CDR boots. Your ult and E CDs are tiny, you want them tiny.. er, and the quicker your W and Q cooldowns stop being abyssal, the better. Also a good investment if you can't afford to nab golem buff over your caster carry.

Situational Items of Justice:
Quicksilver Sash
Trinity Force
Atma's Impaler
Infinity Edge
Banshee's Veil
Black Cleaver
Wriggle's Lantern

Quicksilver Sash
is awesome. The only non-unique active to my knowledge, meaning yes, you could buy two of these and have 2 QSS to use. Cheap MR, and a far superior version of Cleanse that can get you out of that Warwick ulti, take away that annoying Ignite, make Malzehar cry, cleanse the vision destruction of Nocturne's Paranoia.

Trinity Force is obviously great for Critzcrank for the same reason Sheen's great. So picture Sheen +2, and that's Trinity Force. Plus, all of its wonderful stats.. Blitzcrank synergizes with them all in this build.

Atma's Impaler is a surprisingly nice item. If you're facing a lot of physical damage, don't hesitate to get this. 45 armor, 18% crit chance, and a decent physical damage bonus that's good even if you don't stack the hell out of health - for not too much.

Zeal/Phage, consider nabbing one or the other to last you until you finally buy a Trinity. Trinity Force is awesome, but expensive - and while you should be raking in kills and assists with this build and easily last hitting minions [and clearing neutrals if need be], it still may be more effective to grab a quick Zeal or a quick Phage and then move towards other items until you feel like finishing the Trinity later.

Infinity Edge.. well.. c'mon. It makes your crit damage hurt more, it gives you crit, and it gives you attack damage. It is a big, yellow sword. It may in fact be made of the same stuff Blitzcrank is. If you get enough gold to nab a BF sword and you're pretty sure you can get away with it, go towards the Edge of Infinity and don't look back.

Banshee's Veil, even after its minor nerf, is still one of the best items in the game. You get 375 HP, 375 mana, 50 MR, and obviously block one negative spell effect every 45 seconds. That mana fuels both your passive and Manamune, and if you have Atma's, the HP benefits you there too - plus you're getting a nice chunk of MR. Very good item.

Black Cleaver is what you wanna use when you can stay on a target. More attack speed [this + Overdrive = overkill on attack speed], more AD, and obviously the armor reduction per hit means you'll make squishies cry in terror and break them apart. You'll punch their rib cages open. Like I do.

Wriggle's Lantern, while it's receiving some changes courtesy of Morello to make it less of a god-like lane item, is still a pretty decent mid game item on Critzcrank. Lets him start helping control jungle [you'll murder enemy jungler if he's trying to keep buff control later], gives him decent AD and survivability plus life steal, and the ward's pretty nice too.

Hexdrinker is something I'd recommend more towards early~mid game and then selling off late game, but. For slightly less than a BF sword, you're getting 35 AD, 30 MR, and the awesome unique passive of: UNIQUE: If you would take magic damage which would leave you at less than 30% of your maximum Health, you first gain a shield which absorbs 300 magic damage for 4 seconds. 60 second cooldown. This combined with your passive can make you walk out alive out of the most ridiculous AP fueled ganks on earth.


Elixirs: Remember. They're cheap and awesome. Elixir of Agility is a great way of getting some of that crit you like, Brilliance is great on CDR, and Fortitude is great on that AD. If you can afford to nab something every now and again, it'll make a difference.

Wards: I don't need to tell you how useful these are. Stops ganks, keeps map control. Also, you can ward enemy jungle neutrals and easily steal them or kill the jungler with a Rocket Grab -> Ultimate -> Power Fist combo alone.


1 rank of W early on [Say level 3 or 4], 1 rank of Q at level 1 if you're pretty sure you'll snag a kill by it else 1 rank of Q early on, else R > E > W > Q.


  • Timing your ult right can make or break team fights. Don't be afraid to use it EVER. It has a very low CD [especially later on, hovering around 20 seconds], deals decent damage, etc.
  • Use your Power Fist [E] both offensively and defensively. If someone's about to get on me, I'll hit E, turn around and bop them in the air, do an about-face and run again. Repeat if need be. It is also nice for last hitting early game, and if you can get a hit in on an enemy champ, can deal nice damage and set up for a combo from your lane-mate.
  • Don't be afraid to 1v1. You're very adept at it, since your damage output's very high, people underestimate your passive, and you can E them again and again and again and again..
  • Sometimes, as awesome in team fights as you can be, letting your team fare as they will and pushing a lane takes priority. Use your low CD ult to clear minion waves, Overdrive to a turret and bash E with that Sheen/Trinity every time it comes off CD. If it looks like they're going to come gank you, dip - you're pretty mobile, and you'll have put a nice dent in that turret even if you didn't destroy it in seconds. Rinse and repeat. This not only does the obvious [pushes lanes], it makes the enemy team hesitant to do things like neutral farm or what else, because they'll be worried you're going to go over and split push. For good reason.
  • Slow + Power Fist + W for more slow applications, Rocket Grab at max range then Power Fist again, once you've practiced.. and once you got somebody in your grip, they are 9x/10 boned. Resistance is futile.

Obviously, individuals who stack armor, attack speed reduction effects, love them their Thornmails, and things of that nature will be slightly more annoying to deal with. However, even when you can't contribute damage, you can contribute CC; there is no pure winning against a Critzcrank in this regard. Still, a good Nunu with Frozen Heart on is annoying.

This guide's up to date as of the Lee Sin patch. Brand patch is upcoming.


You try these, chances are, you'll do pretty good.

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goku from dbz

Junior Member


This is similar to a build I have been running with Blitz, just posting my setup just because it varies ever so slightly from yours.

My runes are ArP reds and quints, and flat armor and MR yellows and blues respectively, just to add that bit of tankiness.

I would prefer 9/21/0 but I believe I recently I have used something weird like 12/7/11 or 15/0/15 :S

Ignite / Flash for me just because I love to surprise people with the flash grab.

I start with Crystal + 2 health pots. My trips back to base usually consist of
1. Tear and Boots 1
2. Boots of Swiftness and another Crystal
3. Sheen and then start building either BV / FoN or Frozen Heart. If I honestly don't feel the need to start getting MR or armor then I'll finish Manamune.
4. Games don't tend to last this long but if they do then you should finish Trinity Force
5. Last item is either more defense if you need it or Black Cleaver.

Skill priority is R > W > E > Q like yours.

Lane with someone who you know can follow up with the grab. Last nights games were fun for me because I was teamed with an amazing Zil.

You must rock the Boom Boom Blitz

P.S. I like the build, +1

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LCS Dyrus



Vicious. It's nice to see someone who appreciates what makes blitz such an awesome champion. I'll probably stick with my offtank setup, But yeah, I see what you did, and I can definitely see that it would work. Bonus points for turning blitz into a terminator.

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This gives me all the more reason to try out blitz.