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Which quote do you like best?

Zilean quote 0 0%
Akali quote 3 42.86%
Shen quote 1 14.29%
Warwick quote 1 14.29%
Ken quote 1 14.29%
None! Trolololol 1 14.29%
Voters 7 .

New Champion Quotes

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These are some ideas for new champion quotes to spice the game up a bit :3.

Groovy Zilean attacking: "Piece/Peace off" (Get it? 'Cause he looks like a hippie and he throws timepieces? Yes? I thought so :/ )

Nurse Akali taunt: "It's just a little prck! *giggle*" (I imagine her laugh to be somewhat condescending/maniacal)

Shen movement/attacking: "Ninja please"

Classic Warwick joke: "I'm pure in heart..." (Said in a self-reassuring manner[Wolfman reference])

Karate Kennen taunt: "No weakness! No pain! No mercy"