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Gragas makes me sad

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I don't think he's quite useless, he's just a situational pick as someone else noted, otherwise he's outshined. Last few times I played him, he still controls his lane really well, and can maintain it. Still can handle a 1vs2 lane. Problem is he can't carry at all, and he can't initiate like other tanks.

Best Gragas can offer in his current state is protecting the carry and debuffing the other teams AD carry.

I'd compare him to Blitzcrank or Singed more than Malphite. Malphite is a full on team-fight initiator.

The ult nerf really bugs me the most though, I'd say that was the one thing Gragas still has going for him, that allowed him to at least initiate against solo targets almost as often as Singed and Blitz, now that they increased the cooldown on it, he's really just treading water.

But I still think you can be useful to your team somewhat, if you master him. You just need to make sure your team already has 2 carries and a full on tank.

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He is tricky to get the feel for though if you are a new player, best advice is just to stick with him for a while, watch some streams of good players. Nicosharp used to play Gragas exclusively, but has moved on after the nerfs and now he's left Gragas for a more attractive blond with a smaller chest.

You may have caught me on a off-day. I love Lux/Janna, but I do still play Gragas. I just get frustrated that I can no longer play him as a full-tank or AD Jungler anymore because of the nerfs hes gotten over the last few months/half-a-year.