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Consistency is the Gateway Out of Your ELO Hell

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... Blizzard developped their own algorithm long ago that they've refined and refined to include the complex values attributed to team play.


ELO is almost a binary system, far, far away from the "Trueskill" algo developped by Blizzard. Until they refine their algo, we'll have to cope with it.

Microsoft developed TrueSkill

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True skill is also binary, but it tracks your skill in a much better and consistent way. The details are pretty comprehensively here: http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/projects/trueskill/details.aspx. Maybe we should try to convince riot to copy it.

Also, cLHX1, please read this:

The thing is, in a pool of 70% baddies each spot on your team has a 70% chance of being baddies and each spot on the other team has a 70% chance. Assuming you always play well there is a 0% chance for 1 person on your team. Therefore we can add up the chance of a baddie on each team. Your team as 0%(you)+70%+70%+70%+70%= 280%. Your team will have on average 2.8 baddies. The other team however does not have you on it so their average number of baddies is 70%+70%+70%+70%+70%=350% or 3.5 baddies each game...

If it is too hard to understand, I will put it in better formatting. If you still don't understand, please tell me where you find chainpull's logic to be faulty and we can reason it out like civilised people - this is something that everybody should understand.

In a hypothetical situation, say there 70% of the people at your ELO suck/afk/leave or anything like that. Of course, the game will pick people from slightly different ELOs and try to match the team's strengths. but that will have a very small effect since the difference in ELOs will be small.

Now, your opponent's team will have an average of 3.5 baddies at this ELO rating. Your team will only have 2.8, assuming you are not a baddy. (Of course, these numbers will be different as you climb, but theirs will still be higher. If X = %age of baddies, 4X < 5X all the time).

This does not guarantee that you will always have a better team. Yet, in the long run, just as flipping a coin many times follows the odds of a 50/50 tails/heads ratio, after playing many games, the total number of games where your team had more bad people and the total number of games when the other team had more bad people will follow the odds that you would have fewer bad people.

If you still do not understand, point out exactly where you do not follow please. And do it nicely if you will.

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You're forgetting his logic for why he wins and loses games.

He is encased in this mental belief the only reason he wins games is because he won them and the only reason he loses is because his team mates lost it for him.

That 0-12-3 Ashe on the other team wasn't a bad player. I obviously just outplayed him and won the game for my team.

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unfortunately, it doesn't matter how consistent you play if your team is down a person... whether they be afk or feeding, the snowball affect as the other team farms and levels, is too great to overcome once it reaches a certain point.

Not necessarily, i just recently played a game 4v5 and with good positioning, not letting them get away with farming and overextending, we would gank and set it to 4v4. while 1 was dead we would team fight and we eventually won because we played smart and didn't let them kill us or use there 4v5 to there advantage. We used it to ours letting them think they could dominate us, therefore they played sloppy and made too many mistakes.

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Sunli Min



Your a moron
Signed - From people who can do math

I keep reading what the other guy says, and what you say, and honestly, he makes 100% more sence.

If you are infact better, then you have 4 feeder slots, there team has 5. If there are 5 feeders in the game, chances are more will be on there team then yours because there are more available slots on yours. yes there is a chance of getting 3 on yours and 2 on theres, but the odds show they're team should have more trolls.

The sooner i realised this, the sooner i raied from 1000 elo to 1450. Stop being a arrogant ******.