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Front-end buddy list formatting bugs/oddities

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  1. The last ability description on the bottom for certain champions have the description text cut off, but no scroll bar indicating more text. It can be read if you highlight the text and drag it. This pertains to Ashe, Cho'Gath, Jax, Master Yi, Morgana, Nunu, and Ryze
  2. The front-end appears to be resizable vertically which to some degree throws off the aspect ratio via vertical squashing
  3. The pvp.net buddies window losing all formatting when you collapse the massive chat list and then expand it ( does not fully go back to the bottom of window). to make matters worse if you collapse buddies then the chat list gets pulled up even further. Resizing the window seems to move lots of things even the players name at top as if they are set in relative position to each other rather than the outer boundaries of the window itself.
  4. When resizing these windows the mouse cursor appears to be within the boundaries of the windows at the edges almost like it is a layer underneath them instead of on top.
nothing game breaking but 2 and 3 definitely can be a bit irritating and an eye sore.

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WOW. This is a great list.
Thanks for posting it.