Counterpick Strategy If Enemy Team Is Draft Picking Full-Out Hard CC?

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3 Weeks Ago

If the enemy team is draft picking heavily toward hard CC --- as in every single hero they're picking has hard CC --- what heroes should your team be counterpicking?

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3 Weeks Ago

Typically the more CC a champion has, the less damage they deal. You could try playing a tank to simply live through the CC lockdown.

Morgana would be a good pick because of her Black Shield, which prevents CC for a period of time. Yasuo's Windwall and Braum's Unstoppable are also useful in this respect.

Similarly, mobility is important for dodging skill shots. Blitzcrank/Thresh hooks are a lot easier to dodge with 2nd tier boots - you may want to prioritize those in a match against a team with lots of CC.

Champions with blinks/escapes or abilities that make them untargetable would also be good. Ezreal, Elise, Zed, and Kassadin all have blinks. Vladimir, Fizz can become untargetable for a short period.

Some items that might help are Mikael's Crucible, Zhonya's Hourglass, Quicksilver Sash, and Banshee's Vail.

In short - find ways to bypass their CC and outplay them. Hope this helps.