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[Suggestion] Riot,do you want "new" concepts?

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Il Lammone

Junior Member


hello there
i have some ideas for to make "new" champions,the champions that don't exist but easy to put into field of justice background an story:

Greek,Egyptian and Northen Europe mithology:

A Cyclope Character (Tank) - Fury sistem like renekton (but taking damage insted doing)
Focused on destroy tower (like alistar pre-remake (?))
Ability with Healt Ratio (like Malph insteading of Armor)

A mixed "Hydra and/or Cerberus" Character (Damage dealer/Support) - Three headed dog that empower himself dying (stack sistem and/or cooldown passive like "revive" summoner's speel)
Focused on buffing minions aura and summoning "infernal" minions

A Centaur Character (Damage Dealer) - A fast Centaur focused on switching melee and ranged attack (like Kayle) for different situation
Movement speed and speed attack improving with other stats (for AD or AP,like jax,vlad etc)

A Pegasus Character (Support) - The winged horsed with very high mobility that give to him the possibility to change lane fast,very low damage dealer but capable of buff his teammates around differnet lane,a "teleport" skill like Shen'ulti with low cooldown

Hephaestus (or Doran ^^),the god of the blacksmith (Support Tank) - The famous Doran
a tank (or off tank) focused on controll equip like :
improving efficency of his items
improving efficency of his teammates items
lowering efficency of his enemys items and so on

Bast,the cat Egyptian Divinity (Support/anti mage) - After the croco and the anubi char,here the cat char! An egyptian priest venerate the Moon focused on maypulate the mana
Capable of draining Mana (Energy etc),empower Mana Regen and use the Mana stat for other stuff (heal and supportive ability with Mana Ratio,a defensive version of the new Ryze)

Other "Concept"

Puppetter Champ (Mage) - A puppetter that can controll multiple pet

Shaco's friends of horror circus like a fire eater,a cannon woman and a lion's trainer

more "original" idea are welcome