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Morgana dying too easily, need suggestions (build inside)

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morgana tends to be frustrating to play in solo queues and REALLY shines in premades.

Yep, but all it takes is a carry who knows what they're doing (see attachment - my score and panth's score).

I levelled DB/shield faster than Soil, and focused on landing DB's. I think we got ~3 kills in our lane before 6.

Then I went to mid and landed a DB from the river/bushes on their Anivia and the snowball was well and truly rolling

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My build for when I'm playing normally (not sucking)

1) Banshees Veil-
Why not its banshees veil?! Seriously though, this plus your skills gives most solo characters (and even 2 or somethimes 3 characters) about a snowballs chance in hell of catching and killing you. Allows you to kite amazingly and pursue much easier. Also, this takes away the need to black shield yourself in team fights allowing you to give it to someone else more often.

2) Boots of Mobility-
I never take teleport... ever. Imo, BoM are just more useful to support chars than any other footwear. Note, against heavy aoe teams I MIGHT take merc treads, but you have black shield AND banshees veil so in most games I have had its really not needed.

3) Mejai's Soulstealer-
Say what you want, but this item is too good. Lets look at the facts. You are Morgana. You are incredibly difficult to kill and you are the queen of assists. Almost every game this will end up being the most cost efficient ap item you can buy.

4) Frozen Heart-
now that other team is further hindered by your presence. Not much to explain here... It is simply amazing on morgana. Most matches end about the time I get glacial shroud/ frozen heart.

5) Guardian Angel-
Now even if you die your ult continues to channel... This is a luxury item really as you are pushing alot of gold spent already. Rarely will you ever get to build this

6)Ward/ Potion Slot OR another + HP item if needed-
I try to ward when I play if I dont take CV (you are the support char after all. This open spot allows you to take wards and elixirs of brilliance when you have spare money. If you have CV, then take something like a crystal scepter.

Alternately, If I am having an off game I may take more of a passive support role. something like

1) Banshee's Veil-
You always take it... always.

2) Merc Treads-
If I am getting focused alot and have trouble with cc harrassment, then I would go ahead and get the treads. I only get these when the opponent is able to pressure me pretty well during laning keeping me from ganking other lanes.

3) Aegis of the Legion-
When I know I wont be getting loads of assists or kills, then I go ahead and get aegis to help my team out in a slightly different way. Aegis is fine on morgana, but I generally dont pick it up unless I think buying a soulstealer would be a waste.

4) Guardian Angel-
If I notice myself dying in team fights before my ulti goes off, then I tend to pick this up before frozen heart. This allows the team to keep the aegis buff for longer, and it also gives you a chance to get the stun off you wouldn't have been able to otherwise.

5) Frozen Heart-
If you are having an off game, then chances are you wont be this farmed... but frozen heart is still very good if you can afford it.

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Hey, I actually read colour's guide before trying morgana for the 1st time today, and im 5-0 with her now. Survivability and CDR comes before AP with morgana. Using the idea that 2 weaker combos is better than 1 strong combo is great. You can't support your team if you're dead.

I usually get mana manipulator->soul shroud and merc treads.
From there I analyze how the game is going and decide between Frozen Heart (against physical), RoA (for offense), Banshees (against magic)
I do think at least a glacial shroud is good for more cooldown and more mana.
I also feel like a rylais at some point would be good. I think the idea of people getting slowed after walking over tormented soil is nice.

I think early game is tons of fun if you have some kind of dps lane partner (they like your mana manipulator). You should always looking for an opportunity to snare by changing angles. If your opponents are smart staying behind creeps so u dont snare, you should be pushing them with tormented soil.
Mid/Late game you can push lanes fast. In team fights you should be looking to snare carries or anyone out of position and pop your black shield on people in trouble or your carry. I also try to snare people chasing my team if we're losing.

Also, you can shoot the snare through the trees etc. It's hilarious when someone thinks they're getting away and suddenly get snared out of no where.

I've done these things and came out with 6 0 20 and similar scores. You may get some kills, but it's all about assists.