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Language switch = game crash

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I was in champion selection of ranked game (in phase of waiting for my turn to pick, only 3 banned champions tho) and i was writing... then i considered i need to switch language on keyboard (alt+shift) and then i wrote and every stroke made "windows alert sound" and second after, client crashed, without any error message nor "send report" dialogue. It simply ended itself.

Also i got issues with game crashing shortly before victory/loss and last time it even caused my files become corrupt so i was unable to start game until i reinstalled whole client. Could you do something about it? I don't like being marked as leaver and receive match joining penalties just because it's so buggy! Thanks.

edit: the part where game crashes and launcher stays up having button to reconnect, but being absolutely unable to reconnect, is pretty annoying too. It never reconnects until i quit even that and restart it all and sometimes there's need to restart whole pc.