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Numerous problems...

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Do you guys like not care about my problem at all...? Or are you just plain out clueless on how to solve my problem? I've asked a few times now about how to fix my problem and no one seems to have a solution yet... :l When I try to go into champion select I get a message saying "Connection lost from pvp.net server please reconnect or server error blah blah blah". In addition to that, I get random "Session closed"...Why..? Honestly I blame Nocturne for all my league problems cause everything was working perfectly fine until he came along and messed up my league...Sadly enough, I only was able to play one game today thanks to all the session closes and the connection lost not only from the game but from chat as well. My chat connection goes off an on when ever it feels like it and there's nothing I can do...The new patch didn't do squat, and I'm losing hope in that fact that you guys just don't care at all to try to fix my problem.

Sigh...In conclusion, DO NOT send my self explanatory suggestions like: Reinstall league, reinstall this reinstall that...IT DOESN'T WORK, & don't send me useless links I've looked through pages and pages on the forums & none of them worked...Just give me a straight up solution that's all I ask for THANK YOU!

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Wrenchman Golin

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If you're getting Connection to PVP.net has been lost issues, it may be because your firewall or router has not been set up to allow you to get onto PVP.net unhindered.

Have you tried port forwarding?

The following is a list of the required port access to run League of Legends effectively:
  • 80 TCP - HTTP Connections
  • 443 TCP - HTTPS Connections
  • 2099 TCP - PVP.net
  • 5222 TCP - PVP.net
  • 5223 TCP - PVP.net
  • 5000 - 5500 UDP - LoL Game Client
  • 8393 - 8400 TCP - PVP.net/Maestro

Also be sure to check your software-based firewall. AVG and Antivir flags many false positives and tries to quarantine League of Legends files. Norton, McAfee, Avast, and other internet security programs may not configure their firewalls for League of Legends automatically--in which I recommend you do it manually. If you have no software firewalls, but are running Windows XP or higher, you will need to configure Windows Firewall.

If you're using an IP blocking program such as PeerBlock or PeerGuardian, please disable them when playing League of Legends as it may cause service instability.