Need advice on Duo Lane Champs.

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So I can do solo top, solo mid, and jungle, I can duo with Zilean and Mundo. But, a lot of the times Zilean is banned and Mundo does not round out the team. Who are some other solid duo lane champions?

Also, does anyone else find that if they play the ranged carry they lose? I'm not the best, but I think a big factor is a ton of people at low ELO don't know how to do anything but play the ranged carry and solo mid, last game I took solo mid from a vlad who QQ'd, Mordekeiser wouldn't give solo top to Vlad, and Vlad ended up going 1/7 in the duo lane. Sad thing is we might have one if our Nocturne didn't go AFK, because the other bads on the other team somehow managed to feed the Mordekeiser who actually lost his turret before anyone else, almost never see that happen...

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That is confusing. Zilean is usually banned at higher ELOs. In my **** 1k bracket, Ive never seen him banned.
If you only know 2 champs though, I can't honestly see you being in the 1800s especially given your game description.

Most champs duo lane just fine. There are a handful that prefer 1v1 or need solo, but they are much fewer than those that dont.