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Big Box O' Basics

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Commander Yordle

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Yes yes, I know. There are already a couple of good basics guide out there. However I am still compelled to make one due to the overwhelming lack of common sense that is prevelant in solo queue.

Now, lets see if I can't beat....er...impart? Yeah, impart some common sense to those who lack it.

Your Champion and You

So you are at champion select. What do? Well that depends on a variety of factors.

-Are you new(ish)?

Then stay the hell away from carries and junglers. In fact, stay away from any squishy champion that doesn't have an escape mechanic. It will save you alot of grief in the long run. A good way to get into the swing of things without too much rage being thrown your way is to play tanks. Yeah, tanks. You won't be getting the 1337 killz but you will be tough, so by default tanks are a little more forgiving to newbies than other champions.

-Are you experienced, but your team has already locked mostly carries?

Again, do not for the love of all that is holy pick yet another carry. You may think that 4-5 carries will do amazing damage, but you'd be wrong. You will be fighting amongst yourselves for last hits and jungle mobs. You will starve eachother, and in your desperation you will get stupid. You will chase way to far in hopes of a kill only to get ganked. You will towerdive repeatedly in a mad frenzy to sate your gnawing hunger, and will die.

Pick either a tank or a support. Tank if your other 4 teammates are squishy carries. Support if someone else has a tank and the rest are deliciously squishy carries.

-There is a tank, support(ish), and 2 carries. What do?

Well, that depends on where most of your team's damage comes from. If your team is mostly AD then pick an AP champion. If they are mostly AP then, you guessed it, pick an AD.

For those who are acronym challeneged:

AD = Attack Damage
AP = Ability Damage

In even simpler terms:

AD = Hulk Smash
AP = I'ma firing my lazer

-Have you ever played your chosen champion before?

No? Then for the sake of your team read a guide before you ever queue up. I suggest reading the highest rated guide for your champion on http://www.leaguecraft.com

After you do that, play some practice games to get a feel for what the champion can and cannot do.

Yes? Awesome! Don't feed early game and so far, so good.

Masteries and Runes

I'm not even going to get into advanced rune and masteries here. The following will just be a basic outline in case you have no clue what you are doing.

-AD Carry

21/0/9 masteries

Red: Armor Pen
Blue: Magic resist (flat)
Yellow: Mana Regen per level
Purple: Flat HP

-AP Carry

9/0/21 masteries

Red: Magic Pen
Blue: Either flat armor or flat magic resist
Yellow: Mana Regen per level
Purple: Flat HP


Same as AP Carry except:

Blue: Mana regen per level

What? You're a support. You should be in the very back not getting hit anyways.


0/21/9 masteries

Red: Armor Pen or Magic Pen, depending on the champ's main form of damage
Blue: Armor / Magic resist
Yellow: Whatever you didn't pick for blue
Purple: Flat HP

Your Team and You

Grab your starting item(s) and head to lane. This is a basic's guide, so if you are reading it then chances are you shouldn't be soloing mid. Your role in a dual-lane depends on your champion.


Farm like crazy! Your item build is expensive and you need as much gold as you can get. Ignore the enemy champions if possible. If they insist on harrassing you then feel free to harrass back, just don't attack them at the cost of losing out on minion kills. Every one counts!

-Tank / Support

If a carry is in your lane then it is your job to babysit them. Do your best to zone out the enemy champions so your carry can farm in relative safety. Do not steal minion kills from your carry. If a skirmish breaks out try and let your carry have the kill. Only take it when they are about to get away and your carry cannot finish them off.

-General tips

Do not push the lane! I meant it! Sitting there and auto-attacking away is incredibly stupid and counter-productive. It ensures you will miss out on minion kills, as last hits are that much harder to land now. You will also most likely get ganked. Last hit only! No pushing! RAWR!!

Map Awareness. Make sure you have it. Yes mia's are nice, but if you fail to noticed that mid has gone missing for the past minute and you have pushed passed the river in your lane then getting ganked is ultimately your fault.

Do not towerdive during the laning phase unless you are 100% sure that you can make it out alive. Sure you get the kill in an even exchange, but then you miss out on the exp in your lane. If an enemy runs away with a sliver of health and I'm not sure I can finish them without their tower killing me, then I'll just hang back and farm. By the time they come back I have both an exp and gold edge over them.

Do not go back to base at the same time. If you are both low then have the squishiest of the two go back first while the other tower hugs. I can't tell you how many times I've seen towers go down just because both champs decided to go back to base at the same time.

Mid Game

When does mid game start? Mid game officially starts once the first tower, enemy or allied, goes down. Why is this? Well that lane is no longer safe for the losing side to farm in since the tower is gone, so they wander into other lanes. Likewise when the enemy starts to wonder, the winning side that downed the tower should go help any lanes that the enemy wanders into.

Map awareness is crucial here. Everyone is now coinsidered MIA 100% of the time. If you still aren't close to having your core build done yet then you should hurry and complete it as fast as you can.

Do not solo in mid game. The buddy system works best here, so always roam in a pack of 2-3 champions.

Besides the increased threak of gankage, mid game is almost like the laning phase. You still farm when you can and you still try and push the enemy's towers down.

Late Game

Once a teamfight or two has happened then it is considered the late game? Why is this? It's because players are wracking up the gold from kills garnered from those team fights and are quickly amassing stronger and stronger items.

Not much to say here. Do not solo. Don't even roam in packs. The entire team should stick together 100% of the time.

See a lone enemy pushing by themselves? Gank him.

Think their jungler is grabbing the rune buffs? Go try and gank him.

Between ganks you want to push towers as hard as you can. If they flock to said tower's defense then do not, I repeat, do not fight at their tower. Simply move on to a different one.

If you manage to Ace the enemy team and are in good shape, then quickly zip over to Baron Nashor and kill him. His buff is wonderful and makes your team that much more powerful. However, Baron is more of a fate sealer than a game decider. If most if not all of their team is up then do not go after Baron. Act like it is warded and your team will die if they try. When you get higher up in ELO Baron really is warded.

Enemy Champion Tips


Act like his ult is always off CD, 'cause chances are that it actually is. For this reason never hang around your lane at low health. If you drop low immediatly port back. Trust me, nothing is worse than a fed Karth that can pentakill your team.

Always rush Banshee's Veil after your core against Karthus. Sure the shield may not always be up, but thats just icing on the cake. You're mainly buying this for the awesome magic resistance it grants.

Fun tip: Karthus' ult can be blocked by Nocturne's and Sivir's spell shields.


Do not chase the Singed! You may not notice due to your tunnel vision, but your health is rapidly ticking away as you choke on his poison trail. I've seen many a Singed (myself included) get kills from his poison trail simply because the enemy chased him.

When laning against Singed do not get close to his tower. He will slow you with goo then run up and fling you into the tower's range. At this point you are basically either dead or close to it.

Same thing in teamfights. If you are squishy stay in the back. If Singed ults and tries to run to you, run the hell away.

-Eve / Twitch / Shaco

These three are grouped because they all serve the same function, that being an assassin that stealths. Yes, I know Shaco is an awesome counter-jungler. No, I'm not going to get into that right now.

Do not over extend. Do not hang around the brush with only half health. Always be paranoid, because they can pop up anywhere and do alot of damage in a short spanse of time.

If you are a support / tank then buy vision wards (the purple ones) and plant them in your lane. These will allow you to see the stealthed champions coming in for the gank and give you a little time to react.

Once the mid game starts then the tank / supports should buy Oracle's Elixer. This basically turns you into a walking visioin ward.

Remember how I said these three are assassins? Yeah, that means they do alot of damage in a short spanse of time. Do not try to 1v1 them, as you will just feed them. Even if you win the fight Karthus will just ult for the free kill. If an assassin tries to gank you when you are alone then run the hell away. If they try when you are with a buddy then they are stupid and the two of you should kill them.


Do not towerdive Teemo
Do not towerdive Teemo
Do not towerdive Teemo
Do not towerdive Teemo
Do not towerdive Teemo
Do not towerdive Teemo

Did I get my point across? No?

Do not towerdive Teemo

Seriously, don't do it. He will blind you (which also does nuke-like damage by itself) then proceed to stack his poison on you while the tower shoots away. If the tower doesn't kill you, chances are it got you low enough for Teemo's poison to finish the job.

When against an enemy Teemo act like the entire map is warded, bnecause it is.

When you can by an Oracle's Elixer, but only if you are a ranged champ. This will let you see his 'shrooms and kill them like any other ward. Do not try to melee the 'shrooms, as they will just explode.

Anyways, thats all I can think off of the top of my head. I will update the content as the game continues to grow and change. Thanks for reading!

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Commander Yordle

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Commander Yordle

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Thanks for the guide. Gonna help "My Friend" learn not to be a n00b... >.> <.< >.>

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Great guide. I'm level 22 (and still not great) and this guide reminded me about a bunch of things that get me killed.

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Commander Yordle

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You're most welcome. If you can think of any more points I missed then let me know and I'll work them in.