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Twisted Timeline: The Development of Twisted Treeline

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Sajmon Brutal

Junior Member


Well its nice to know whats up with this twisted treeline for me who have been in game since beta. And as long as i remeber this map has been avalible for beta in practice game.

Maybe if this map is far from finished, you could just release it for 3v3 in the shape it is now post a thread in this forum thats the map is not finished yet. And that you still want feedback or what ever is taking time.

The Community would be happy it is finally released even if its not perfect. For those who dont like the map in the way it is now could simply choose to go on with the summoners rift map.

Because this practice game its pointless the enemy is in most case way diffrent elo than you are either way lower or way higher witch makes it fairly hard to really enjoy it. Also the half IP/EXP is no.

Atleast i wild guess would be that your problem is not making this map avalible for normal game but to balance it for all the heroes. Its no matter riot we have plenty of champions to pick from if one is not suited for this map people will learn it and choose a diffrent one.

Hope any of this makes sense


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Senior Member


I'm unsure as to why it takes so long to develop a map. Can someone explain the process?

LoL is a great game, I've contributed nearly $100 to it. It's my "go to" game when I'm needing a break.

However, it just seems that the development of this map is so painstakingly slow compared to what other companies can do. Is it a matter of resources (or the lack thereof)? If so, completely understandable.

I've just not experienced another game where for so long...there's only been 1 public map to play on...I've been playing LoL for about 7-8 months now I think. The same map over and over again...just gets tedious.

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Junior Member


Game changing feature. Must spend riot points to unlock TT.

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Senior Member


Sounds awesome.

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Henry Plainview

Senior Member


What was the feature?