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New player: Questions about Ashe!

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Boots of Swiftness in my opinon is a must. You need to be able to run around and harass anything that happens to enter your range of fire. You also need to be able to dodge skill shots like a boss, and these will help so much. (EX: Nidalee stacking AP. You get hit with that spear skill shot, there goes half your hp.) Beserker's greeves are nice early-mid game, but by late game when you're good and fat on gold from your farming, it won't make as much a difference. Runes, I focus on mana regen for blue/yellow, and armor pen for everything else.

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Just did a little reading up on how armor penetration works in this game.

Wouldn't it be better to completely forgo any type of flat penetration/reduction and just go for percentage based penetration?

My reasoning is that based off the items I've seen you'll never get a player's armor below 0 with flat reduction/penetration. This is because there doesn't seem to be enough flat reduction in the game, and penetration can't go below 0.

I've yet to see anything with percentage reduction so I doubt it could get anywhere close to 0. (Although, maybe it's possible to reduce the armor enough that flat reduction could possibly bring it below 0? Idk, doesn't seem likely, but I'm a new player so I obviously don't know too much about the items.)

This means that % Penetration is incredibly strong overall because the most damage you're going to lose hitting a character is 20% (Assuming you're using x2 Last Whisper, you could even make it 0% by adding in a Ghost Blade), but on the other hand you're going to be doing MUCH more damage to heavily armored targets.

The wiki article I'm using is here: http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Armor_Penetration

This would also free up a ton of red rune space, right?

So I guess what I'm asking is that would a build with no Armor Pentation/Reduction beforehand be good if you used the item set.

Last Whisper x2
Infinity Edge x1
Ghost Blade x1
Swiftness Boots x1
Phantom Dancer x1

Is this too gold intensive? You could use Zeal before Phantom Dancer?

this is fairly gold intensive tbh...the game would have to go on a long time and you would need to get a decent number of kills for the build rto happen, also you need at least one survival item in most cases(banshees or guardian angel for ashe imho).

as for runes, their main purpose is to give you an edge early game which is why people slot Apen on alot of dps carries, what this does is basically negate the opponents starting armor, giving you a significantly higher dps early game. the mana regen is so you can use volley early on more often without going oom.

as for item builds, I prefer this order(listing what i buy each time i go back):

-Dorans blade
-boots(i always get move+3)/meki pendant
-Finish IE

at this point you have some decisions to make.

need that Apen to foil those tanky characters? last whisper(lots of armor) or black cleaver(not as much)

playing against squisy characters? go for zeal (dont finish PD unless you have surplus gold later)

are you taking a beating? grab a neg cape. or chainmail depending upon what the enemies are stacking (to be later built into BV or GA)

after building one of these three options i build my bloodthirster before moving on to the other two (most games wont last long enough to get much past this point if even to it tbh)

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I do recommend buying runes before you hit 20, provided you don't invest too much in them. Tier 1 Armor Penetration runes are incredibly cheap IP-wise and have over half the effect of the tier-3. Just don't waste IP on Tier 2 runes.

If nothing else, pick up a tier 1 quint once you hit 10, they have the most effect out of any rune.

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Like most of the other posters I have to say first that I think buying any runes under tier 3 is a bit of a waste, it doesn't take long to level up to 20 where you can start buying the better runes and if you save some IP from 1-20 you can actually end up with a decent amount of runes right out of the gate.

As far as runes go, personally I use ARpen reds, hp per level yellows, mr per level blues, and flat ap quints. The flat hp quints and hp per level yellows along with a dorans shield for beginners or a dorans blade once you've gotten the hang of playing ashe, give you the survivability you so desperately need early game.

The MR per level blues give me all the mana regen I need. This has more to do with play style than anything. I try not to spam volley during the laning phase, preferring to stick back last hit minions as much as possible and hit the enemy champ with volley and auto attacks whenever possible.

I think the APen reds are very important. It may be true that flat penetration runes don't do a whole lot to bring armor to 0 but at level 1, 9 armor pen is about half of most champions armor. With that said a well placed volley and your first 100% crit shot can bring most champions down to about 1/3-1/4 or their hp right away. This gives you valuable experience over them if you force them to port back, or the opportunity to keep them low enough that a level 6 gank as soon as you get crystal arrow is highly probable.

I think boots of swiftness are your best choice on ashe, but this is mostly because I play her using flash and cleanse for summoner spells. Boots of swiftness along with a zeal/phantom dancer early give you the move speed to avoid harassment as well as getting away from ganks with flash/cleanse. If you don't want to run with cleanse I would say the best option is mercury treads but more often then not if you get CCd on ashe you will most likely die.

In terms of a general guide for how to play, strictly following any guide is usually a mistake. Rarely if ever do I follow any particular item build order when I play any champion. I make my item selections based on the enemy team (amount of CC, tanks, ap or ad champs) and how farmed I am (if I go back while playing Ashe and I have 1850g more often than not I'll just buy another BF sword). Generally though I try to focus on attack damage over attack speed, and maneuverability over survivability. My typical end game build looks like: Boots of Swiftness, Phantom Dancer, Infinity Edge, and some number of Bloodthirsters (sometimes I substitute out one or 2 for a Black Cleaver or Last Whisper for armor stacking teams, or possibly a Madred's for HP stackers like Cho or Vlad. A good tip is to save your arrow until about the mid/late part of most team fights, or to pick off a straggler as you chase the enemy team down a lane back to their tower. I try not to start team fights off with it unless I can hit a stray from the pack. Shotting it into the middle of a cluster of champions rarely works to eliminate the best threat, but clipping that ryze as he moves off to one side to avoid damage can turn the tides very quickly.

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Mr Threepwood

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That's a pretty good guide, I do believe they used to recomend a start of philosophers stone. The regrowth pendant is a nice laning item, the stone will help you with your slight mana issues, and the gold/5 is nice. Though you should be getting a huge cs value as ashe that makes it a little more meh... Until you're confident in your last hit abilities and managing your mana that philo stone might not be a bad choice.

As for the armor pen item, cleaver gives you great damage and some AS. While this GREATLY effects your auto attack, it doesn't really do that much for volley. Ideally you'd be able to stand in place and auto attack end game if your team can mess with their positioning and keep your own. If you're in a game of poke and run however, last whisper will be MUCH more effective for your volley. Main thing to remember is grabbing the swift boots and the zeal realatively early (try to get a pickaxe or bf sword for some damage in there) to make you into the kiting queen. Kiting is what ashe does, that and intiate with a massive arrow to the face.