The Camera Advantage - Illustrated

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TL;DR: Move the viewport down relative to the character by 85px in 1920x1200 resolution.

Currently playing on purple you have a drastically different camera view from a player on blue. A player in lane on blue can see about 36% farther "forward" while a player on purple can see 36% farther "backwards" (assuming the players are in lane). These numbers and measurements are based on my screen, played at 1920x1200.

Here are the perceived measurements you might take from a normal player camera angle. The picture has been automatically centered on Sivir, the view angle hasn't been changed.

Attachment 344895

However, the issue is actually more pronounced if you measure from the actual position of your character, rather than how your character appears. The second screenshot below is again, centered as default on Sivir, but the camera has been rotated to directly above, to show the position of Sivir with respect to the viewport.

Attachment 344897

As you can see, where your character actually is for the purpose of collisions is significantly closer to the bottom of the screen, where during laning the enemy is most likely to be.

Now, I was wondering, what the heck is going on here. This doesn't really seem intentional. Could it be that the entire height of the character is centered in the viewport? Even then, that doesn't help much, since the hitbox is based on where the characters legs are in 2-space. What if the character is technically centered, but they are centered on the actual screen instead of the viewport? As it turns out, that is actually what is happening.

Attachment 344899

As you can see, Sivir is actually centered with respect to the entire resolution of the screen. Unfortunately, that is sort of a naive way to choose the camera position - the character should, I would think obviously - be centered with regard to the actual visible area of the game, rather than the available space on the entire screen.

My question is, what is the purpose of this choice of centering? It seems to me to have just been unintentional - a relic of the iterative development of the game.

My question to Riot is, was the choice to give blue 36% (560 vs 410) better "forward" vision intentional?
Do you feel this is balanced out by purples better "backward" vision?
Is there a need for the two teams to have different vision?
This, as a matter of fact - not opinion, is an imbalance between the two teams. Are there any plans to mitigate or resolve the imbalance?