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To all Tank and Support players...

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Crow Squid

Senior Member


It gets better and if you are one of those people who never plays support, try them against the AI to at least understand how they help you. It is funny to me how many people will yell tank we need a tank but I have never seen anyone say Support we need Support. Also marking a person you want focused helps everyone.

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Aemon Darkstar

Senior Member


@Dr. Giggles
No it doesn't reflect on game balance actually. Tank and support IS an out of the limelight job. They are built such that they enhance the power of teams, while themselves being subpar in a 1v1 fight.

Too true. Sticking to a build is the WORST thing supports and tanks can do. Their builds, more than any others, have to be the most flexible to adapt to both the enemy and their allies. If my Malzahar is fed and the enemy is all DPS, I will probably build Abyssal Sceptre since its such an enormous boost for Malzahar. Alternatively, I could build Glacial Shroud so that the DPS have an even harder time killing him when I'm around.
Keep a core, sure, but build the rest on the fly.

Singed can actually pull off AP-tanking pretty well. DoTs mess with the psyche of newer players, enabling you to do more damage to them since most of the time they're unaware of it. Of course, if your squishies don't understand the point of tanks and initiators, there isn't much you can do.
Also, I'm not a proponent of choosing a squishy just to spite some auto-locking moron. If I want to win, I will tank/support for my team, even if they did autolock squishies. Worst to worst, I'll dodge. But really, if you're interested in winning, you need to put your preferences aside at times.

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Senior Member


Aemon Darkstar:
Don't give up.

Why do I say this? I see a LOT of new players facing this problem. Tanks and Support characters are, generally speaking (and IMO only), harder to play correctly than the more conventional AD and AP carries. Knowing when to engage, when to retreat, whom to disable, whom to save, all of it in the space of a few crucial seconds is never easy. Don't be disheartened if you don't succeed at it early. Don't even be disheartened if you go on a lose streak with them. It happens, and its often not even your fault. Also, practice makes perfect.
The second main reason for posting this is the K/D/A ratio. A lot of new players, and a lot of players (read: morons) in general pay too much attention to this score. Don't get me wrong, its not unimportant. But its not the end all be all. Understand this, if you are a support with the most deaths on the team, but also the most assists by a long shot, you have warded, and have done your job repeatedly keeping your carries alive and enabling them to get double/triple/whatever kills, then YOU ARE VALUABLE no matter what any fool claims. Realize this. The K/D/A is insufficient to detect a player's contribution to a match, and this is especially true in the case of Support champs (less so for tanks).

The reason for posting this thread is the rather large amount of frustration I've seen lately by players playing these champions. I myself am an avid tank/support player. More times than I can count I've thought of just going "**** it" and playing carries, but my friends and clanmates always make me realize the contribution I bring to each game I play as Shen, Taric, Singed, or whoever.
I just thought to bring the same to the community.

So new players, don't give up if you like hanging back and keeping everyone alive, or rushing out front and dying heroically to let your team mop up the enemy. Don't let KDAs dishearten you. Do your job. If others do theirs, the Victories WILL roll in

Case a point we just won a game with 33 kills for our team and 50+ kills for the other team. They had Ryze, Amumu, Caitlyn, Shen, and Nunu. We had Rammus, Sona, Karma, Talric, and Veigar. Originally one of our players was learning his character and fed Shen and Shen had 2 Wargogs + more defensive + hp items. They took down our bases outer towers and we turned it around at that point.

Ironically I got highest damage for the fight with Karma clocking in at 171,000, around 50,000 ahead of Veigar. But That's area pressure damage after mid game mainly. Veiger was our stun man that did the real killing and Sona got as many kills as me. Point is though, our two tanks and two support turned around a situation that woulda been instant lose for most other teams. The tanking, Sona's 50k healing, her constant buffing songs, my minor healing and shielding (with explosion mantra naturally) targets in trouble. Talrics healing 20k.

Ironically we stalled out when hitting their base every time. So I took advantage of "tactics" and used Karma's wonderful minion wiping lane pushing ability to minion rush the bottom and top towers after joining the fight briefly with my team. (Seriously Karma can push from 1 bases towers to the other basses towers with minions in tow in about 30-60 seconds once middle towers are gone) It was an odd situation but it worked and we got super minions spawning and they lost readily from there as I would again start combat then fly off and support the minion waves i created. Compared to my 6/11/4 k/d/a ratio that was golden imo.

Never, ever, underestimate tanks, supports, or tactics.

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Senior Member


When i play tank and my teammates gives me all poop for dying more than the others, i feel i'm being praised. If i die more than they do, it means the enemy focused me and i did my job.