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end game suggestions

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forgive me if these have been said before.

two main suggestions so far.

1) a health bar on the HUD that shows how close to winning you might be (or losing)

yeah, its kinda easy to tell that your base is being swarmed, but we HAVE pulled a win out of our butts in that situation, what would be handy, is seeing if your base just STARTED getting swarmed or if it hopeless. Due to the lackluster communication of most people, and the fact that sometimes i have been quietly working away, finally died to spawn in what looks like a ganking.

2) a post game (optional) chat to discuss what went wrong/ happened/ etc.

because occasionally, you dont get time to take names, and follow up, and it couldnt hurt, but you could just leave anyhow. say, while looking at the scoreboard, chat may still work.

oh, another suggestion.

3) chat scroll during game.

quite maddening to catch the last of what sounded like a strategy, as it fades away but not being able to check it out, especially while dead.

4) during /all chat team coded names? first letters of names etc?

half the time i cant tell if people are being given crap by their own team or not. and crap does get given.

5) the option to choose your own keys..

personally i would prefer wasd to move the screen, plus the numbers for abilities, too much playing mmo's has me automatilly hitting 1 for an ability anyway.

6) have a "make something unreal" style competition for character models/ skills etc.

though instead of cash, unlockable other skins, items etc? the winners getting a cut of the microtransactions for their mod? i dont know, but my girlfreind would probably quite happily make models for days just for fun given some guidelines (size, poly count etc)

i hope these help and that some get implimented. though it would be cool to have a make me LOL competition, some of the other suggestions would make the game less... unfriendly, without making it easier as such.