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High ELO Pantheon

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Hey guys, I recently fell in love with Pantheon. I realize he's a very frail champion, so I decided to spec into defensive masteries.

I was wondering if any mid-high ELO Pantheon players out there could help me out. What items/runes/masteries do you guys get for him?

Right now I generally go Doran's shield>boots+ brutalizer> infinity edge (most games end here, but I would continue on to: ghostblade, last whisper, banshee's, guardian angel in an order depending on the situation).

Runes: arp marks, arp quints, mp5 seals, cdr glyphs (thinking of grabbing dodge seals and mp5 glyphs, though)

with 9/21/0 in masteries

I realize at high ELO there is no set item pattern, but any tips on solidifying my build would be highly appreciated (for example, i've seen mallet+last whisper obtained in lieu of an early IE, or maybe I can toss BT somewhere in there?)