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Suggested shop change... sellback

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Would it be possible to make it so sellback prices are 100% until you leave the shop? It would let you sell back unwanted items that were accidentally double purchased. I can't see a way to abuse this other than gold / 5 items. Maybe you could have them not start working until you closed the shop as well.

I realize I could just be more careful when purchasing but I experience lag sometimes when making a purchase. If I'm in a heated battle and I bluepill -> shop -> run to crush, kill, maim... I get antsy. When I click to buy something if I don't see it purchase and goto my inventory I will click again, after all I have no time to waste... my team NEEDS me :-P Then the game will eventually buy all of my items for each click and it makes me a sad dude because I'm out some cash when I sell back. I also think a nice "purchased / sold" sound could help.

What do you guys think?