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Questions. Questions about Teemo

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Junior Member


Before i begin, i'd just like to politely ask that you refrain from the "pick any other champion but Teemo" responses. Please. I've read it everywhere, and though i -somewhat- understand why its said, i don't play the game just to get wins, i play to have fun and Teemo is by far one of the most fun champions to play.

So questions.

1. For an AP/AS Teemo using mejai's soulstealer, at what point does it become useless if i can't keep the stacks, and can an argument be made in selling it?

1.1. So lets say we're entering mid-late game, i keep fluctuating between 4-8 stacks only should i sell it. How about if i can't get any higher than 6? Hell, should i ever consider selling it?

2.When is AP most useful for a teemo, early, mid or late game? Trying to determine whether to focus on the AS part of the build first or the AP part. Which generally boils down to mejai's first for malady/madreds first? Usually get mejai's after boots of speed as my third item, because it makes sense to me, but wanna know what ya'll think.

3. Lets say there's a veigar or a pantheon on the other team focusing the hell out of me. Should i disrupt my build to buy force of nature or thornmail, or is my squshiness so significant that they won't make much of a difference?

4. Frozen mallet. Does it have any place on an AP/AS Teemo?

5. Blinding Dart vs Toxic shot. In what situations should i focus on one over the other? Right now i just separate them equally. So by level 6 i have lvl 2 blinding dart, lvl 1 move quick, lvl 2 toxic shot and of course shrooms.

6. I find that i sometimes run out of mana far too quickly with this build. How can i incorporate mana regen into a AP/AS build.

7. Not so much Teemo specific, but I've watched a few videos and i notice that sometimes players will buy a second doran's shield or blade and i just wanted to know what the merits of doing so is.

8. Finally, why do people hate Teemo so much? I mean some people can get ridiculous. A team i played with a little while ago even refused common sense advice about fighting/baiting to my shrooms in team fights just because i was a Teemo. Its absurd. I have lost very few matches with Teemo when my team utilizes his skills appropriately.

This is my usual build just in case you need a reference.

regrowth pendant/health pot
boots of speed/philosopher's stone
amplifying tome/mejai's
RoA/Sorcerer's boots

then situational items depending on how much MR their team has/is building.
Void staff if its significant and Death fire grasp if its not.
Then rabadon's deathcap if they still don't build mr, or abyssal if they do.

if we have a significant advantage in kills, i usually forgo RoA and get whatever seems like the most fun to play with.

All this can change depending on what champions the other team has selected. I know how to adapt.

Anyways, thank you for your time.

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Dull Pencil

Senior Member


1. If i usually can't keep my stacks above 6 for a long period of time, maybe 10 minutes, i sell it. You can use the money for something else like a void staff or zhonya's

2. I usually build AS ASAP in early game because it dominates people when they don't have armor/ magic resist. I build AP early game where i can farm enough to get heavy AP items like Deathcap and Void Staff ( Void Staff is very useful for magic resist)

3. If i'm getting focused i stay very defensive and passive. I farm as much as i can safely and do not try poking to initiate a team fight. Teemo needs his items fast because without them, he just doesnt do much.

4. I usualy don't go for frozen mallet, i go with ryalis because with 40 % CDR from lucidity boots and nashors tooth, i can spam blinding dart enough to slow them, plus with move quick's active, you cna easily catch up and slow with blinding dart.

5. If i build AS first, i level up toxic shot more because the impact shot will help me dish out more damage earlier. If i'm going for my AP first, i go with blinding dart first because toxic shot doesnt help much if i can't attack fast enough.

6. I try to always have blue buff for the mana regen and CDR, or i get chalice of harmony.

7. I don't do this so i don't really know, but it does give oyu 200 health if you get two dorans items.

8. People hate teemo i assume cause of his shrooms and how his blinding dart is OP.

My typical teemo AS/AP build is
Dagger/Amplifying Tome, Health Pot
Build it into Malady
Optional (if doing well) Mejai's
Boots of Lucidity (CDR = More shrooms)
Nashors Tooth
Rabadons Deathcap
Void Staff

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Senior Member


Mejai's Soulstealer is a terrible item choice for Teemo. You *WILL* die in team fights. Everyone hates Teemo, so you will be the #1 target, and you are very squishy. Buying an item that's only good if you don't die is not a good choice for Teemo.

Additionally, he doesn't have WTFBBQPWNAGE nukes to rack up stacks easily, so you will probably spend most games in the 4-8 stack range. Which is not cost or item-slot effective.

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Luthien Kess

Senior Member


1. Yup, about 6 stacks is the break-even point. I normally don`t get it for solo queue unless I`m 4-0 at 5 minutes...

2. Like was said, AS is most important early game, AP later

3. I might disrupt your build to get a BV if it`s really bad. Typically if you can dodge that first stun you can get out of there, just be sure your team sees you contributing somehow, otherwise they`ll hate you. Kite kite kite kite kite.

4. I get it in TT, not in summoners rift, though it would be a cheaper way to enhance your kitability.

5. I`d say never get them equally, either make that dart hurt, or keep hitting them every time the poison stops. Though grabbing boots of speed asap and maxing run quick can really frustrate your opponents. :-)

6. Nashor`s tooth is a really good item for teemo, if you want it grab the meki first.

7. Typically I see this done to get some more survivability while still keeping your damage at par with your opponents. I wouldn't normally reccomend it on teemo, though grabbing 3 doran's can really help your early game survivability.

8. People hate teemo.. you mean your team or your opponents?
Your team hates him because if he fails, he doesn't contribute anything to the team. He isn't even another body that can soak up fire.
Your enemy hates him because he's dang fast impossible to catch, his shrooms are everywhere making it hard to chase your allies, and trynda is always blinded.