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Udyr - What am I doing wrong?

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Runes make a huge difference for the bearman. While some Udyrs mix pheonix and tiger stances, I find that for the early game you have to effectively choose one or the other as you will not have enough mana to use both. I find that as Udyr I have to spend so much time stancing from turtle and bear that the dps stance becomes more of a bonus. Generally your skill order should be

Q W W E Q Q etc


R W R E R R etc

Get only 3 levels of bear stance though, the benfits of having two fully leveled dps stances is far greater then the extra mobility offered from bear stance.

Runes should be AS Quints, As reds, armor seals, and magic resist blues for pheonix start

Tiger can use Flat AD Quints and AD reds, armor seals, and magic resist blues.

Udyr generally has a very rocky start in the jungle (he comes close to death on blue golem at level one, even with the proper runes, but once you hit about level 3, it becomes a breeze to jungle as pheonix. Jungling as tiger is noticeably slower until you pick up a madreds razor. I prefer to jungle Pheonix since he means I do not require a razor at all.