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A Guide To The Forums

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A Guide to the Forums
Fran├žais - http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=22099034&posted=1#post22099034

This guide is to let new players know what the different forums are, where to ask about certain things, and to give a more detailed description of each and information about safety, conduct, and other random facts about the forums!
Along with a complete list of LoL Terminology, This thread contains all most all that you need to know!

Post 1 - The Forums
Post 2 - Forum Rules and Info
Post 3 - LoL Terminology

Posting in the forums is a privilege and if you abuse it you can lose that privilege. Follow the rules!

You must be level five to post in the forums except for the "New Player" and the "Help & Support" forums.

- - New Players - -

New Player Forum
The “New Player Forum” is for people who are new to the game and are looking for basic information and ideas about the game and what to do.

- - League of Legends - -

General Discussion
The “General Discussion Forum” is where you can chat with other players in the forums. You also discuss anything LoL related that doesn't fit into another forum

Help & Support
The “Help & Support Forum” is where you go ask questions about in-game problems such as launcher errors, RP purchasing errors, and other issues. Here Wrenchmen, along with some Riot support, will be there to help assist you.

The “Announcement Forum” Is where Riot posts threads of upcoming events, champions, sales, and other important arrivals to the game.

Guides & Strategy
The “Guides & Strategy Forum” is where you go if you have questions on how to play a champion and all around tactics and strategy to the game.

Clan & Team Recruitment
The “Clan & Team Recruitment Forum” is where people who run gaming teams can find recruits.

Lore Discussion
The “Lore Discussion Forum” is where you can discuss the story and lore of LoL and its champions.

The Tribunal
The Tribunal is where Players of lvl 30 can vote on issues in game such as harassment or other Summoner's Code violations. They vote whether it is ok what the player has done or if they should be punished. You can receive IP for voting in The Tribunal. This forum is where players discuss The Tribunal, the forum is open to all levels!

Server Status
The “Server Status Forum” is where it shows if the server is Online, Offline or Busy. Riot will also post when the server will be down.

- - Off Topic - -

Off Topic Discussion
This forum is exactly what it sounds like it is! Discuss any non-League of Legends topics here!!

Forum Games
This is where people can go when they want to play fun little games on the forums! Go if here if your looking for a little fun on the forums!

- - Feedback - -

Bug Reports
If you are experiencing issues in the game such as bugs and glitches post them here, learn how to fix them, and inform the community about the problem!

Champion Feedback
This is where you can talk about new characters and old characters. You can talk about the nerfs and buffs that have or should be applied to certain champions. This is for EXISTING CHAMPIONS!

Item Discussion
This is where you can talk about certain in games items such as Blood thirsters, Phantom dancers, etc

Audio Feedback
If your game is having issues with audio or there is something about the in-game audio you like/dislike you can discuss those here.

In-Game HUD Discussion
This is where you can ask question about the in-game Heads Up Display. Whether you are lost and not sure what some buttons may do, or you want to suggest stuff for the HUD post here!

PVP.net Discussion
This is where you can discuss pvp.net (Where you log in) and what you like, dislike, or would like to see on the site! Also you can have you questions about the site's interface here!

- - Fan Creations - -

Fan Art
Are you an artist? Have you made LoL related art? Post it here and show the whole community! Post it, view it, discuss it!

Fan Fiction
Are you a writer? Have you made LoL related stories? Post it here ans show the whole community! Post it, view it, discuss it!

Champion Concepts
Do you have an idea for a champion and would like to share it? Feel free to post it here and show all of us! Get the community's feedback!

- - Maps and Modes - -

Summoner's Rift
Discuss the map "Summoner's Rift" here!

Twisted Treeline
Discuss the map "Twisted Treeline" here!

Discuss the game mode "Dominion", The capture the point game mode, Here! Along with discussions about it's map "The Crystal Scar"

Proving Grounds (ARAM)
http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/...splay.php?f=58 (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/forumdisplay.php?f=58)
ARAM stands for All Random All Mid which is pretty self explanatory. The proving grounds has one lane and no jungle, It is meant for the ARAM gametype. This is also the map in which the tutorial takes place!

The Private Forums
These forums are only viewable by certain groups of people such as Riot, Adjucators, The Council, Wrenchmen, And Emissaries.

- - Other - -

The Competitive Play Forums
These forums are all about competitions and events for LoL!

The Testing Forums
The testing forums are where players give Riot feedback on topics such as gameplay on Mac. (The mac client is currently on hold, aka unavailable)

NO Hating or Trolling will be tolerated!
I would love to hear your feedback on the thread, Does something need more explaining? Do you want me to add something? Or just want to tell me how I did please feel free to post it in the thread!

Happy Gaming!

A Basic Guide To LoL Gameplay (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=21880803&posted=1#post21880803) (Under Construction)

LoL University (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=1849187)
How To Get A Champion's Skin (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=123056)
Forum Code of Conduct (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=2702857)
If you find a really helpful thread post it in the thread, i will look at it and post if i agree!

Currently None

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! ! Member Status ! !

Junior member- Your original status (0-29 Posts)

Member- Your status after 30 posts (30-99 Posts)

Senior Member- Your status after 100 posts (100-Inf Posts)

Be sure to respect all members on the forum with the ranks that are listed below, They go above and beyond to try and help us players and the LoL community as a whole.

Red-Riot- These are the Developers. They are the most knowledgeable and are the only user group to have power over you, the player. They wield the almighty banhammer, so be good for goodness’ sake.

- These players advise Riot on the current state of competitive LoL and how to improve it. They acquire this status through exceptional skill, keen insight on the metagame, running a league that sponsors LoL, chairing a sponsored team, or otherwise benefiting the competitive scene.

Green-Emissaries- These players go above and beyond to help the LoL community as a whole prosper. They are active on the forums and promote LoL in various capacities.

- These players have been involved with LoL since very early in the closed beta where their assistance was invaluable. New Adjudicators acquire this status through especially helpful Test Realm feedback.

Orange-Wrenchmen- These players have invested time on the Help & Support board solving a variety of issues such as in and out of game technical issues.


! ! Excessive Hating/Trolling ! !

I'm going to be aggressively and permanently banning people from the forums who I believe are trolling excessively, or contributing a negative atmosphere.

Keep discussions civil and follow The Summoner's Code

This is your only warning.-Pendragon

Keep the forums a place were players can chat to fellow players civilly and peacefully, this means please try to stay away from using vulgar language, Bringing others down, Mocking/Taunting/Trolling, and be sure to Follow the Summoner's Code

Attacks or Accusations are not acceptable
Attacking another player is unacceptable, the circumstances are irrelevant, just don’t do it. This includes calling out another player for leaving, cheating, poor gameplay, etc.

Abuse and disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated
Please show your fellow players and Rioters the same respect you would like shown to you. There are consequences to abusing players in the community. -Tamat

Hating Threads

One of the most annoying and popular pains on the forums. If you have a REAL problem with LoL sent it in to Riot. We dont want to hear it! And if your "problem" is you hate a champion because they destroyed you and/or you can't play the character at all... THATS NOT OUR PROBLEM! It's yours. It's perfectly fine to ask for tips on how to play or how to play against a certain champion. Posting a hate thread such as things like "RIOT CHANGE THIS!" or "THIS IS REDICULOUS" Will only get your thread voted down, and quite frankly none of us want to hear it!


! ! Using The Proper Forums ! !

The "New Player Forum" is not the very best place for every comment. Please try your very best to post in the appropriate forums such as...

Technical problems, In-game issues, Download/purchase problems, and anything along those lines is best to be posted in the "Help & Support Forum" (link in original post) Because there are "Wrenchmen" there who are experienced in helping solve issues involving the game. Some issues however (Such as RP purchase errors) Cannot be resolved by Wrenchmen, But they can however, point you in the right direction!

The "New Player Forum" is a place where you go if you are new to the game or if you want to help out people who are new to the game. It is not an all purpose forum.

Just remember, Posting in the right forums will most likely get you more activity in your thread and help prevent it from getting overlooked! For example my Champion idea "Elladdox, The Unrelenting Grasp (http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?t=1655769&highlight=elladdox)" Is posted in the Champion concepts forum and it got quite a bit of attention over there. For another example asking about problems with your game in the general discussion forum will most likely not give you the best solutions

General Discussion is not the only section
Our General Discussion section experiences a high volume of traffic that might cause your thread to go overlooked. Before posting, consider whether or not your thread would be more appropriately placed in another section."-Tamat


! ! Be Careful ! !

While browsing the forums you may come upon people that have posted links in their forums, This does not mean never click on them, just be careful because not every link can always be 100% safe. If you come across a link that you have found to be inappropriate for the LoL forums, please report it to Riot so they can take care of the issue.

Also be sure when you are creating a thread, do not copy what someone else has already written. For instance you can be reported for stealing someone else's ideas and plus it just shows that you cant even think for yourself. If you come along something that someone has said and you want to use it, Quote it or Type it like this and put a dash after naming the original poster as so-NiceSPDR


! ! Reporting Players ! !

If you see people who are WAY out of line in the way they speak and behave, please submit a screenshot at support.leagueoflegends.com.

We WILL be banning people who are excessively offense, racist, vulgar, etc.

Please do not call out players on the forums.


Be sure to help keep the forums a positive area for players. Please note that this does not mean that if someone says one thing, that is not enough to send a report to them. If they keep on commenting after you have told them to stop then be sure to report them. Please feel free to report people, if someone is harassing you this can mean they are harassing other people aswell. Reporting them will prevent them from harassing more players, In addition rids the forums of another Hater/Troller.


! ! Stay on Topic ! !

Keep the topic of the forum going! When there is a thread about something dont talk about something totally different in the thread. For example if it is a question your depriving the poster of an answer
So stay on topic!
Also creating threads about one that already exists, There is no point in doing so. The search feature has been enabled for a reason! Search for a thread before you post it!
Do not Repeat!

Keep it on topic, keep it constructive
Threads need to be constructive and have a clear topic. Subsequent replies need to also be constructive to ensure that the integrity of that topic isn’t compromised. Bumping a thread without adding additional relevant information is not considered constructive.

"Bumping" is leaving a comment on your own thread so that it goes back to the top of the list. It is usually done by typing in "Bump" and leaving the comment. The only places where i can see this acceptable is if you have and issue and you havn't gotten a reply yet. However when you bump try to make it have a point, have it contribute to the thread so it is not just a pointless post. For example when i feel the need to bump one of my threads i usually say what is going to be updated next, what is on the way, or try to specify the problem/topic further!


! ! Popular Problems and Issues ! !

Leave Buster Ban- Many players have been posting threads saying they got banned for leaving a few games due to certain issues. Posting this in the forum will not get you unbanned, You will have to wait out the ban. First you will get a warning in-game, Second you get banned for a day, and any more after that the time gradually rises eventually to receive a permanent ban. We suggest that if you are having issues where you keep getting forced out of games or you believe you might have to get off at any time, play a custom game so that you sill not receive leaver marks.

Leaverbuster: http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board...d.php?t=468889
Bans: http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board...d.php?t=543821

RP Purchase Errors-If you have purchased RP and have not recieved it or you are trying to buy RP but it will not allow you you can send a ticket to Riot by clicking support in the top right hand corner of the website or ask the Wrenchmen in the "Help & Support Forum" and they will tell you what to do. (wrenchmen do not have access to your account) Now these purchase errors with credit cards are usually a problem with your bank, not riot, but if you are not sure what to do i am sure they could tell you what to do.

Glitches-While playing League of Legends you may come across glitches inside the game, for example there is a glitch where the whole ground and jungle turn black. Usually these happen every once in a while but if it constantly happening over and over again like it had done to me, A simple solution usually fixes it. Most of the time all you have to do is reinstall the game. Remember some of the simplest solutions can fix some of the biggest problems!

Searching The Forums Searching in the forums has now been activated! (about time) Now you can search for your favorite threads via the search bar on the top right of the forums page!

Accepting The Summoner's Code- This was a common issue when the Code was released to the LoL community. To accept the Code click Here (https://na.leagueoflegends.com/account) and it will bring you to your account page. Once there you can look at, review, and accept the summoner's code. If it has not already popped up for you already. And by accepting the Summoner's code states that you will follow the rules in the forums. Disobeying the Summoner's Code can and WILL get you banned!

RP Refunds
If you spend Riot Points on a champion and/or a champion skin and you do not like it anymore, Riot offers refunds. Be aware however It has to have been purchased within the last 60 days and you only have a total of 3 refunds for life! So use them wisely!

When you refer a friend to league of legends and they reach a summoner level of five or higher you will receive rewards!
If you have earned a reward but have not received it, wait a day and give they system some time to update itself. If you still dont receive a reward send in a support ticket to Riot.
Here is the Referral page: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/referrals/invite

! ! Popular In-Game Problems and Issues ! !

Queue Dodging
Queue dodging in LoL is perfectly fine. There are no consequences in doing so, except for the five min wait to join another game. What Queue dodging is, is when you are picking champions an you notice your team is gonna do really bad, weather to a bad setup or stubborn teammates, you quickly exit out of the launcher before everyone has finished picking there characters, runes, and masteries.

Leaving games can get you banned.If you are kicked from a game for any reason you can join back in to prevent getting a leaver mark. A thing to remember is that when you leave a game you are ruining the game for your whole team. Making the game a 4 v 5 is basically gets your teammates slaughtered. So don't leave, Chill the rage and tough it out till the end!

Surrendering in a game is available after twenty minuets in the match. To surrender you can click escape and click surrender in the menu or you can just type in "/Surrender". To me, I am not a big fan of surrendering. I prefer to finish the game win or lose. Granted you may get destroyed but hey, you'll still get more IP and XP for finishing the match. So don't wussy out! Finish the game!

Zoom Problem
There can be a zoom problem that for example I had when I started. If your screen is zoomed in a bit and you cant zoom in or out, go into the settings and uncheck the box that says "Fast Terrain". After you do that you should be able to zoom in and out as you please!


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! ! LoL Terminology ! !
Terminology is the abbreviations and terms used for certain items, things, and aspects of the game. Here is a list!
If any are missing or wrong post it in the thread and i will adjust as i see fit!

AA- Auto Attack
AAS- Archangels staff
Ace- Killing the last living member of the enemy team
AD- Attack Damage
ADAM- All Draft All Mid (Custom game type)
AFK- Away From Keyboard
Aggro- The targeting priority of the A.I. controlled minion, turret, monster, etc.
Ali- Alistar
Ani- Anivia
AoE - Area of Effect
AP- Ability Power
ARAM- All Random All Mid (Custom game type)
ArP or ArPen- Armor Penetration
AS- Attack Speed
Assassin- A champion type whose forte is ambushing enemy champions. They have abilities that may include stealthing themselves or having a strong dash skill.
Assist- To help an allied champion in killing an enemy champion, gaining a part of the bounty.
Aura- A passive ability that usually applies to the champion and those around the champion.

B or Back- To retreat in the general direction of your base or away from the enemy.
Bait- To feign weakness in order to lure the enemy into a trap.
Baron- Baron Nashor
Base- The area where the shop, nexus and inhibitors are located.
BC- The Black Cleaver
BD or Backdoor- To attack the enemies' towers and base without the support of a minion wave.
BF- B. F. Sword
BG- Bad Game
Blind- A Crowd Control effect that causes the recipient's autoattack to miss completely.
Blind Pick- a type of match where all participants select their champion simultaneously. Both teams are unaware which champions the opposing side has picked until the loading screen appears.
Blink- A type of movement ability, similar to the Flash Summoner Spell.
Blitz- Blitzcrank
Blue Buff - Crest of the Ancient Golem
Blue Team- the group of players that start out at the lower left side of Summoner's Rift, or on the left side of Twisted Treeline and Crystal Scar.
Bot- Bottom lane
Bot- The Quarry/Boneyard capture points in Dominion.
Bot- A.I. controlled champion
Bounty- The amount of gold a target is worth should they be slain.
BP- Blue Pill (obsolete), which was replaced by Recall. Sometimes used in place of "B".
Brb- Be right back (usually indicates a teammate recalling)
Bruiser- (Obsolete) A champion with high effective health and damage per second.
Brush or Bush- The tall grass in which champions can hide.
BT- The Bloodthirster
Buff- A positive effect applied to a champion.
Burst- A large amount of damage being dealt in a short time, pertaining particularly to the damage dealt by a single champion. Nuke is also a commonly used term.
BV- Banshee's Veil

Cait- Caitlyn
Cap- Rabadon's Deathcap
Cap- To capture a point in Dominion.
Care- Be careful, implying a possible or probable gank coming.
Carry- A champion that generally starts off weaker than other champions, but becomes more powerful as the game progresses.
Cass- Cassiopeia
CC- Crowd Control: a category of status effects which limit movement or actions.
CD- Cooldown
CDR- Cooldown Reduction
Chain CC- To consecutively use multiple Crowd Control spells on an enemy champion.
Champ- Champion, a particular character that the summoner calls on and controls.
Char- Another word for champion.
Channeling- The casting time required to perform certain spells. These types of spells can be interrupted by "hard" crowd control.
Chase- To pursue an enemy champion as they're running away.
Cho- Cho'Gath
Classic- The classic MOBA game mode in which players focus on laning, pushing minion waves, and destroying the enemy structures.
Commit- To not retreat. To stay in a fight until the battle is over, or until your champion is slain.
Co-op- Co-op vs. AI: the player versus A.I. controlled champion match mode. Only in this mode player can choose to fight the intermediate A.I., which is otherwise not available to custom game.
Cover- During the laning phase, this statement asks your jungler or another teammate lane to hold the lane while you recall.
Cow- Alistar
Creeps- Monsters and minions
CS- Creeps Slain/Creep Score
The Crystal Scar- the map in which Dominion takes place.
Custom- Custom game: the match mode created by player with the freedom to determine the team size, A.I. controlled champion participation and the password for limited access.
CV- Clairvoyance

D or Def- Defend: to protect the tower or base without attacking aggressively.
DC- Disconnected
DD- Direct damage, Double damage
Debuff- A negative effect applied to a champion; the opposite of a Buff.
Deny- To kill allied minions or pets, preventing the opponent from earning the gold and experience from killing them in other MOBA games. This feature is intentionally absent from League of Legends and replaced with zoning tactics.
Derp- Is a reply when someone says or does something stupid
Disable- A form of Crowd Control that prevents the enemy from taking particular actions.
Dive- To pursue a specific target into a high danger area, particularly beneath an enemy turret.
Dodge- Queue dodge
Dodge- A deprecated champion stat which determined the possibility to avoid an auto attack.
After the removal of the dodge stat, it has become the beneficial status only available to Jax through Counter Strike.
Dominion- A game mode that differs from the classic MOBA-style gameplay, and focuses on seizing capture points.
DoT- Damage over time
DotA- Defense of the Ancients: a successful mod created from Warcraft 3. It has inspired similar games such as League of Legends. "Dota" is also used to categorize games of this particular sub-genre within the real-time strategy genre.
Double Kill- Slaying two enemy champions within a certain length of time.
DPS- Damage per second (i.e. attack speed), A champion who specializes in dealing damage consecutively.
Draft- Draft Pick: a type of champion selection where all participants must first go through a champion banning phase and where no champion can be picked by more than one player.
Drag or Drake- Dragon

E- The third champion ability which is bound to the "E" key by default.
EC- Executioner's Calling
En Route- A french term meaning "Coming" or "On my way!"
Elo- A mathematical rating system for a player's relative skill level.
Eve- Evelynn
Executed- Being slain by a tower or a creep with no enemy champion receiving credit for the kill.
Ez- Ezreal

Face Check- A champion going into a brush to see if an enemy champion is hidden in there. This can be a very risky action to do.
Farm- To seek out and kill minions to obtain experience and gold.
FB- First Blood: the first kill of the game.
Fear- A debuff which makes target champion walking around randomly and uncontrollably.
Fed- A champion becoming very powerful after killing multiple enemy champions OR by having a large creep score.
Feed- To repeatedly die to the enemy team (through lack of skill or intentionally) giving them gold and experience. A player who does this is a feeder.
Fighter- A hybrid champion between tanking and DPS that combines the survivability of a tank and the damage of a DPS or a caster. They were formerly called Bruisers.
FM- Frozen Mallet
Focus- To assault a specific target, normally one of strategic value (usually not the tank).
Fog or Fog of War- The darkened area in the map which is out of the vision range of allied champions, minions and structures.
FoN- Force of Nature
FotM- Flavor of the Month: a champion that suddenly becomes very popular among players.
Fountain- The spawn/respawn position of the map, where champions regenerate health and mana, and can purchase items.
Fid- Fiddle, Fiddlesticks

GA- Guardian Angel
Gank- To ambush one or more unsuspecting enemies with one or more champions.
Gary- Garrison
GG- Good Game
GJ- Good Job
GL- Good Luck
GLHF- Good Luck and Have Fun: a combination of GL and HF.
Glass Cannon- A champion/build that is high in damage but low in defense. This primarily refers to building a champion purely for offense, sacrificing survivability.
Global- An ability that can strike anywhere on the map (e.g. *Cannon Barrage).
Glyph- A type of rune which primarily boosts various magical stats.
Golem- Ancient Golem, which grants the *Crest of the Ancient Golem (aka Blue Buff) after being slain.
Gold- The in game currency used to buy items.
GP- Gangplank
GP10- Items/masteries/runes that generate extra gold over time. Gold generating items are often incorrectly referred to as GP5.

Harass- To put pressure on an enemy champion, most commonly by causing small amount of damage to them without the risk to be retaliated.
Hard Leash- To draw the aggro of a monster and reduce its HP greatly before allowing an ally to deal the last hit.
Hat- Rabadon's Deathcap
Heim or Heimer- Heimerdinger
Hero- The equivalent term for "champion" in other MOBA games.
HF- Have Fun
HP- Health Points
HP5- Health Regeneration per 5 seconds

IE- Infinity Edge
Ignite- Ignite: summoner spell which deals true damage over time on one enemy target. Can also refer to casting the spell on a certain enemy champion.
Imba- Imbalanced, describing something as unfairly powerful.
Inc or Incoming- Used to warn a player that one or more champs are heading their way in an attempt to gank. This is unlike MIA, which does not give a definite indication of the missing enemy champion's direction.
Inhib- Inhibitor: a structure that prevents the enemy's super minions from being spawned.
Initiate- A champion performing an action which signals allied champions to begin the battle. The Initiator may act as bait and take heavy damage from the enemy in order to protect their allies from taking major damage.
IP - Influence Points
Ire- Irelia

J4- Jarvan IV
Jack or JitB- Jack In The Box
JFL- Just For lol's, doing something odd for the fun of it (Like AD Amumu)
Juke- The act of tricking the enemy pursuer(s) into chasing the wrong way, which is most often accomplished by utilizing the brush and/or the fog of war to break the enemy's line of sight.
Jungle- The spaces populated by neutral monsters between the lanes.
Jungler- A champion who forgoes fighting in a lane in order to obtain experience and gold from killing creeps in the jungle.
Jungling- To kill monsters in the jungle.

Kamikaze- A suicidal attempt to destroy/kill a target under an extremely unfavorable situation, sacrificing yourself for a higher cause such as a needed turret, Inhibitor, or Baron kill.
Kass- Kassadin
Kat- Katarina
Kit- A champion's set of abilities.
Kiter- A champion that is particularly good at kiting (e.g. Ashe).
Kite or Kiting- Continuously backing away and attacking a pursuing enemy champion in such a way that the enemy is damaged while unable to deal damage back.
Knockback- Pushing the target's position in the opposite direction of the skill user. Target cannot move or act during the knocking motion.
Knockup- Disabling the target by sending them into the air. The airbound target's horizontal position does not change.
Kog- Kog'Maw
KS- Kill Secured: preventing a severely weakened target from surviving by doing an excessive amount of damage to the target.
KS- Kill Steal: blaming an ally for landing the finishing hit on an enemy champion who they intended to score the kill on.
KS- Kill Streak: when a champion slays many enemy champions consecutively. The "Kill Streak" will reset when the champion is slain.

Lag- Slow response during the match due to high network connection latency. Severe lag may result in disconnection and will count as a leave if the player does not reconnect before the end of the match.
Lane- The paths that allied and enemy minions follow.
Laning- Staying in the minion paths in order to push or farm.
Laning Phase- The first part of the match on Summoner's Rift and Twisted Treeline. This phase usually ends as one or two turrets are destroyed.
Last Hit- Getting the killing blow on a minion, creep, or enemy champion.
LB- LeBlanc
Leash- A tactic used to draw monster aggro, benefiting the jungler.
Leave or Leaver- Exiting the champion selection or the match before each game is finished, whether voluntarily or not. This is regulated by the Leaver Buster system.
Lee- Lee Sin
Leech- Staying within range of enemy units to gain experience points without assisting your team mates with the kills.
LOL- LoL: League of Legends
lol- Laughing out loud
LOM- Low On Mana - See also Out of Mana
LW- Last Whisper

Mana- Resource used by most champions to cast abilities.
Manaless- Champions who do not have the mana stat.
Map Awareness- To be conscious of the events occurring around the map by using abilities or items (e.g. *Clairvoyance or wards) which reveal the fog of war at strategic locations, and react appropriately.
Mark- A type of rune which primarily boosts various physical stats.
Martyr- A champion that dies defending a capture point with an extra score reward, depending on how many enemy champions are involved in the kill.
Meta or Metagame- The game's current play style, consisting of aspects such as lane setup, jungling, and team composition.
Metagolem- A tanky-dps build that (ideally) consists of Atmog's, *Frozen Mallet, *Trinity Force, and *Mercury's Treads. The term is a portmanteau of the words "metagame" and "golem".
MF- Miss Fortune
MIA- Missing In Action: an enemy champion who was laning does not show up in the original lane which may result in recalled to base, preparing to gank the other lane and/or hiding in the brush. "MIA" is more common on the NA server.
Mid- Middle lane
The Refinery/Drill- capture points in Dominion.
Mid-top-At the beginning of Dominion, a player declares to capture the nearest middle capture point then rushes up to top.
Minion- The computer-controlled unit spawned from the allied structure (nexus or capture point) to march to the opposing structure along the designated lane.
Minion wave- A group of minions spawned together once at a time. Multiple groups of minion waves may accumulate to form a bigger group that is harder to be dealt with.
Miss- Enemy champion missing in action. "Miss" (along with "ss&quot is more common than "MIA" on the European servers.
MK- Minion Kills
MOBA- Multiplayer Online Battle Arena: a genre of games which brings many RPG (Role Playing Game) and RTS (Real Time Strategy) elements together.
MP5- Mana regeneration per 5 seconds
MPen- Magic Penetration
MR- Magic Resistance
MS- Movement Speed

n1 - Nice one
Nerf- An official modification to the game mechanics which makes something less powerful, as opposed to a "buff".
Nexus- The primary structure of the match where minions are spawned from. Victory is achieved when the opposing nexus is destroyed.
NJ- Nice Job
Noc- Nocturne
Noob- Unskillful player. Similar forms include "nub" and "n00b".
Normal- Normal game
NPC- Non-Player Character
Nuke- A large amount of damage being dealt in a short time, pertaining particularly to the damage dealt by a single champion. To Burst is also a commonly used term.

Off Tank- A champion that has some attributes of a Tank (ability to soak damage, initiation ability, CC, etc.), but lacks in one or more areas.
OMW- On My Way
OOM- Out Of Mana
OP- Overpowered
OTW- On The Way
Overextending- A champion moving too far in lane/enemy territory, which can open them up to ganks.

Pant or Panth- Pantheon
Party- A player can invite other players from their friend list to form a team before joining a match. If the amount of participants does not reach the maximum size of the selected match mode (3 or 5), they will be placed with solo players to fill the vacancy/vacancies.
Path or Pathing- The route that will be taken towards a destination.
PD- Phantom Dancer
Pentakill- Slaying five enemy champions within a certain length of time.
Pet- A non-champion, non-minion ally that may or may not be controllable that is generated by a champion's ability and fights for him on its own.
Ping- To alt/G+left-click on the mini map causing a "ping" noise and a mark on the map that your entire team can see.
The latency of player's internet connection to the game server, measured in "ms" (millisecond, 1 ms=0.001 second).
Poke- A form of harass which uses long ranged attacks to cause small to moderate damage in order to weaken an enemy, while keeping a safe position.
Position or Positioning- A champion's location during a fight. Good positioning is determined by the player knowing the optimal location their champion should be at.
Pot- Potion(s), usually Health Potion.
Premade- Multiple players, who know each other, forming a team together before entering the champion selection phase.
Pro- An act of calling someone that is very talented when playing.
Proc- The activation of an effect.
Purple- Purple Team: The group of players that start out at the upper-right side of Summoner's Rift, or right side of Twisted Treeline and Crystal Scar.
Push- To continue advancing forward in a lane, clearing it of minions and towers.
PvP- Player versus Player: game modes that do not include bots.

Q- First champion ability which is bound to the "Q" key by default.
QQ- Depicts a pair of crying eyes, implying that the other player is complaining.
QSS- Quicksilver Sash
Quadrakill- Slaying four enemy champions within a certain length of time.
Que- Queue: the champion selection phase before commencing the match. Currently there are Blind Pick and Draft Pick available.
Queue Dodge- To shut down the game client or disconnect from the internet during the champion selection process to avoid playing the match.
Quint- Quintessence, the most expensive/powerful type of rune.

R- Fourth champion ability (usually the ultimate ability) which is bound to the "R" key by default.
Ragequit- An incident where a player quits (leaves) the game due to in-game frustrations.
Rambo- Diving into a fight alone, usually a suicidal tactic.
Random- Blindly summoning a champion during the champion selection phase by clicking the "?" or "Lock In" buttons before selecting a champion. (Champion not yet bought or not free to play will not be chosen.)
Rank or Ranked- Ranked game
Razors- Madred's Razors or *Madred's Bloodrazor
Rdy- Ready
re- Short for reappear, meaning an enemy champion is no longer MIA.
Recall- A universal ability to teleport back to base after an 8 second channel.
Recommended- A category of champions whose controlling difficulty is relatively low and suitable to new player of League of Legends.
The recommended items listed in the shop for shortcut purchase. Player can edit their recommended items manually.
Red/Red Buff- Blessing of the Lizard Elder
Rene- Renekton
Report- An action after each match to report a player to official for inappropriate behavior such as verbal abuse or intentionally feeding the opponent.
Req- Request, *Requiem
Riot- The development company that created League of Legends.
River- The water crossing between lanes on the Summoner's Rift.
RoA- Rod of Ages
Rofl- Rolling on the floor laughing.
Root- A debuff which prevents any movement by an enemy champion. Can also be refered to as "snare" and "immobilize".
RP- Riot Points

Scaling- How well an ability or champion's efficiency or damage increases as the game continues and they gain stats and items. Champions that scale well are normally called carries.
Scrub- An insult indicating that the player has a low skill level for the game.
Seal- A type of rune which primarily boosts defensive or utility stats.
Shop- The location where items are bought.
To return to the base and buy items. Can be interchangeable with "b" or "brb".
Silence- A debuff which prevents any activated abilities from being used by the target champion.
Skill Shot- An ability that requires aiming a projectile that could miss its target.
Skin- A different appearance for a champion that can only be obtained by spending RP.
Slow- A debuff which reduces the target's movement speed.
Smart cast- An entry scheme of action command that allows 1-click on the keyboard (or combined with the shift key) to perform the action without clicking the mouse button on the target.
Smurf- An experienced player that is pretending to be a newbie.
Snare- A debuff which prevents target champions movement. Can also be refered to as "root" and "immobilize".
Snowball- Situation that occurs when a champion or team gains an advantage, and continues to use the advantage to win the game.
Snowball Item- An item that grows in power as you gain kills/assists, e.g. *Mejai's Soulstealer.
Soft leash- To draw the aggro of a monster briefly before moving away.
Solo- A champion (usually the top and mid laners) that guards an entire lane on their own.
Solo Queue- As opposed to a "Party", a player allows the automatic matching system to assign a team for them. The player may end up joining a team completely composed of solo players, or an incomplete "Party". For the later case, solo players may need to wait longer until the "Party" teammates have finished selecting their champions.
SotO- Sword of the Occult
Spell- Summoner spell: A battle ability which is not provided by the champion, but rather designated by their summoner to their champion before entering the match.
Squishy A champion that can be killed easily due to low base health/defenses.
SR- Summoner's Rift
SS- Enemy champion missing, shortened form of "miss". "SS" (along with "miss&quot is more common than "MIA" on the European servers.
Stealth- An ability to conceal the user from being seen or detected by the enemies, invisible
Steroid- An ability that increases one or more of a champion's base stats.
Stun- A debuff which prevents the target champions from moving, attacking or casting abilities.
Summoner- The role given to the player as they call a champion to the field and directs them in battle.
Super- Super Minion: a stronger minion that is spawned by destroying enemy inhibitor in classic game mode. In Dominion mode, each minion wave already contains one super minion.
Support - A category of champions whose forte is to support his/her allies' performance.
Suppress or Suppression- A stronger version of the debuff stun which cannot be alleviated or actively broken out of by most methods except *Quicksilver Sash.
Surrender or Surrendering- To start a vote between teammates to end the game earlier before the Nexus is destroyed by the opponent team and admit defeat.
Sustain or Sustainability- A champion's capacity for staying in a lane without having to go back to the base.
SV- Spirit Visage
Synergy- An item that benefits a particular champion without wasted stat boosts or inefficient abilities. ("Synergy" sections were removed from the item pages due to the definition being fairly subjective and cumbersome.)
How well two or more champions/players work together.

Tank- A champion designed to take high amounts of damage.
Tanking- To be capable of taking high amounts of damage.
Taunt- A disable which forces the target to attack the taunter.
A champion quote which can be activated by entering /t or pressing shift+2.
Team Fight- When multiple champions, from each opposing side, gather in one area to do battle.
Tenacity- A champion stat which determines the reduction of effect duration of most Crowd Control debuffs.
TF- Twisted Fate
Top- Top/upper lane
The capture point of windmill in Dominion mode.
Tower- A stationary defense structure that guards the lanes and the base. It is also commonly referred to as the Turret.
Tower Diving- To pursue an enemy champion while in range of the enemy's tower.
Tower Hugging- To stay near the tower to deter enemy champions from attacking them.
TP- Teleport or *Gate
Tree- Maokai
Triple Kill- Slaying three enemy champions within a certain length of time.
Tribrush- The triangular brushes near each of the top and bottom jungle entries.
Troll - A person who causes acts of disruption to other players and to the community. These acts may include writing offensive messages or intentionally feeding the enemy. Trolls are also referred to as Griefers.
Mythical beings originating from the Norse mythology. In League of Legends, *Trundle belongs to this race.
TT- Twisted Treeline
Tryn or Trynd- Tryndamere

Ult or Ulti- Ultimate Ability / To tell a player to use their champion's ultimate ability.
Unique- An aura or ability that does not stack, common to item effects.
UP- Underpowered

Vision Hack- An ability which allows a player to see through the fog of war, such as Twisted Fate's Destiny.
Voli- Volibear

W - Second champion ability which is bound to the "W" key by default.
Ward- Items that reveal the Fog of War once placed.
WotA- Will of the Ancients
WotD- Win of the day (IP Bonus)
WP- Well Played
WW- Warwick

Xin- Xin Zhao

Yi- Master Yi
Yor- Yorick

Zil- Zilean
Zone or Zoning- Tactics that are used to prevent enemy champion(s) from gaining gold/experience.

I DID NOT MAKE THIS TERMINOLOGY LIST! I give full credit for these terms to the LoL Wiki! Here is the original thread!
I just thought that this was the kind of thing that should be posted in the LoL forums!

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can anyone help me with my launcher! bcuz its blocked... how can i unblocked it!??
really need to play LoL..... please help me! T_T

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can anyone help me with my launcher! bcuz its blocked... how can i unblocked it!??
really need to play LoL..... please help me! T_T

Make sure it isn't being blocked by your firewall, and if you're in sea, you're going to have to go through the distributor in your area (garena or something?)

Support forum is the better place to ask tech related questions.

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I agree, if you read the post it mentions launcher errors as the thing you would go to the "Help & Support Forum"

Lol i need more room for some more posts D: most of em are almost at 3000 chars lol

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Hey man i know you had a similar problem to me, and its how my screen is zoomed in and i can zoom in or out. Do you know?

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Hey man i know you had a similar problem to me, and its how my screen is zoomed in and i can zoom in or out. Do you know?

Yes what you have to do is in you in-game menu and un-check Fast terrain

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Thanks man and nice thread

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No problem, hope that helps you out