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Math Help - Attack damage runs vs Armor pen?

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^ Haha. that's hilarious.

So before 106 damage, AD marks help more?

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Physical damage = Damage*Armor/(100+Armor-armorPen)

lol ur formula is so fail so if they have 20 amor is 20/120 reducing 84% , and if they have 10000 armor will be 10000/10100 = around 1 so no reduction...go back to school learn some math.

formula is Physical damage = Damage * [100/(100+armor - armor pen)] .
anyway math speaking quintessence flat damage is superior from armor pen items cuz they scale way superior mark/quintessence wise. overall flat damage is superior to armor pen. on lvs 1-5 and give u HUGE HELP on last hit cuz minions have 1 armor. from lv 7 is better armor pen.

infact Damage Reduction Percent = 100 * Effective Armor / (100 + Effective Armor)