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Soraka Build?

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Is this a good Soraka build?

Meki Pendant or Amplifying Tome
Fiendish Codex
Mercury's Threads
Giants Belt
Rylai's Crystal Sceptor
Blasting Wand
Tear of the Goddess
Archanggel's Staff
Gaurdian Angel

Please comment if it's Terribad and don't give me well i haven't played Soraka i just want to post **** and my best Friend hasa better build than that.

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That's not the route I would go with Soraka......

Lately I've been adopting an "Aggressive Soraka" build which is:
mana manipulater at game start
port back for red crystal +180 health @ 475 gold
Port back for catalyst upgrade @ 850 more gold
Port back for Locket @ 850 more gold
stay in lane until thier turret is down and mid turret is down, then shopping spree time:

mercury treads
aegis of the legion
soul shroud
(rylai's or soul shroud can go back and forth depending on where I am in the game).

As for skill order, I go:

continue getting starcall whenever I can, infuse when I can't, 1 rank of heal (for the armor proc) @ level 6, ultimate @ levels 10, 11.

And play aggressively. This means, stay at your melee minions line using starcall to ensure 2 of thiers die early, and you are hitting thier range mobs. if enemy melee champions approach, target them for an auto attack when they get in starcall range (star call immedaitely), back up after the auto attack is thrown about 2 spaces (ie you want your melee mobs, them, you, your range mobs in a line), continue to starcall and auto attack and infuse them until they are dead, and hope to god your partner doesn't run away.

That usually results in them dying, and you having a sliver of health, OR, one of them dying, you dying, their other guy at 20% health, and your ally at 100% health.

Positioning is key on this, as you want your 3 adds dpsing their champion, and ideally 2 of your 3 melee adds to "turn around" and hit them too. Remember, you are doing a lot of damage to BOTH of thier champions with your starcall, an exhaust (blinding one of the melee) or a Heal summoner spell helps a lot here.

Tho Usually I have Clarity and Teleport as my two spells.

The most often occurance on games where afterwords I see most of my opponents were 27+ would be myself and one opponent simultaniously die, and my partner finishing off the other low health opponent with lane control belonging to us, and me teleporting back once I ressed. With my red 180 health crystal