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Support Taric (Mini-Guide for nubs like me)

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Someone asked me about taric on my livestream, and although i suck with him at times, this is how I run him:

Skill build:
lvl 1 take dazzle
then take heal or shatter lvl 2 depending on how the lane is going
u want 1 point in everything by lvl 3
R>Q>W>E -- dazzle is last priority, you could also do R>Q=W>E depending on their harrasment

Item build:
you want to get massive mana regen per 5 on him, mixing in AP when you can
best start build is dorans ring, and a mana pot (sometimes hp pot)
then you build either mana manip or stack another dorans ring/start building Aegis and get boots
you want to eventually get mobility boots on him, and starks fervor
You want to focus on Team support items like Aegis of the Legion, Soul Shroud, Frozen Heart.
if they have tons of stun, instead than mobility, go merc treads

-Always heal others, your heal on them still heals you
-Auto attack when you can to keep your passive going, when you push towers activate your ult for you and minions and anyone else to quickly destroy it before trying to push/bait enemy champs.
-In team fights leave ult up as long as possible when in the thick of it
-Sometimes maxing shatter, and keeping it for the armor passive is the way to go. Think twice before using it when engaging in combat, and save it as a finisher or if your team has a clear advantage.

Summoner Skills:
clarity and flash are best summoner skills - Mobility and Team Support centered

Masteries recommended:
9/0/21 or 0/9/21
9/0/21 is best for cooldowns (getting spell penetration, not auto attack speed in offensive)

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This is a very typical build on Taric. When i play Taric or Sivir i usually become the aura b*tch for my team. Taric with a maxed armor buff and an Aegis is a frightening sight to physical dps. Top it off with a starks and it will be almost impossible for your opponents to win a team fight.