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Evolution of Style (Nasus rune/mastery changes)

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Hello. I'm a rather long-time Nasus user (probably like 300+ games with him,) and as is pretty much expectable for a champion as versatile as him, as well as with the nature of the game and skill progression in general, my focus and playstyle with him are evolving. My computer has been a bit under the weather lately as well, so I'm taking the opportunity to consolidate my thoughts on adjusting my long-untouched masteries and runes to match this evolution of my style, and hopefully discuss them to get my first outside opinions.

I have never and likely will never play Nasus in a completely typical way. When I first bought him, I largely used recommended items, and was kind of an awkward tank type. Tanking felt good though, so as time passed I built more and more defensively. I took defensive/utility masteries, and runed for mixed defenses, with money/exp quints. And that was cool for me for a long time, giving me a great early tankishness and lane stability, lending for generally smooth leveling.

As I approached the present day, however, item experimentation and refinement has moved me into a much more offensive style. I still build tankish early, but mid and late game choices have grown into dps items, things that utilize my tanky choices, and so forth. In an average game against a mixed team, my items generally look like Doran's Shield (sold when the money can get me something, or when space is cramped,) Mercury's Treads, Guardian Angel and Warmog's Armor (order varying between those,) Sheen, Alma's Impaler, turn Sheen into Trinity Force, then just something depending on how much longer the game may be. Frozen Mallet, Phantom Dancer, Last Whisper, or maybe another piece of armor.

Of course the armor choices change to match the enemy team, but generally I end up with those.

Now, more to the point, I feel that my runes and masteries ought to evolve to match my changing style as well. For runes, I'm using armor reds, MR blues, health yellows, and exp/gold quints (all flat bonus.) It was pretty much put together a long time ago with minimal research and they basically assumed I'd be a useless wall with no ability to kill or farm.

For those, I'm thinking of moving health to quints, armor to yellow, and using red for ArP. Still as defensive, potentially even more effectively so, and swapping the utility for offense. I like the idea, but I'd enjoy some feedback on this front, as runes are still not my forte.

As for masteries, I am a bit more lost, since I basically just took something that worked and use it for all champs because I'm a lazy *******. And I mostly use tanks anyhow. It's a pretty simple 0/21/9, utility for mana regen, exp, and gold, defense with all the general "take less damage" stuff, and Ardor because hell yeah.

I don't plan on changing the defensive ones, but I haven't touched offense masteries in a long time, and without current access to the game, I can't exactly check them out myself.

My builds tend to end up with a fair amount of crit, and I only get AP from Sheen, which is pretty much a happy bonus. Help me figure out a good 9/21/0 that will augment the things I build for (crit, aspd, AD, all largely in moderate doses.) Any suggestions or advice is appreciated.

Thanks in advance, from the Murdertank.

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My build usually goes like this:

1)Dorans shield or Bead+5 pots sometimes even boots+3pots, it's all depending on who i think im gonna lane against.
2)Usually pick up a sheen if i can, otherwise i buy lvl1 boots and some wards
3)Finish boots(most likely to mercs) and upgrade sheen to triforce
4)Now I either go full tank or build Aegis if teams needs it. I usually go sunfire cape or banshee depending on their team. Grab a randuins if you are getting kited a lot.

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I have played a considerable amount of Nasus, and I have a rune page just for Nasus and urgot. I run ArP reds, mana regen yellows and MR blues with 1 ArP quit and 2 flat health quints. If I have trinity, boots 2, and 3 defensive items, I will generally get something with bloodsteal + whatever else it comes with. If my team is really AP heavy I will get bloodthirster...if I have several autoattackers on the team and there is not a starks yet I'll get that, but if the team already has a starks in that situation I really like black cleaver. If you went health heavy in your items atma's is nice too