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Ghost - The summoner spell I always thought was inferior to Flash.

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As soon as I hit Summoner level 12, I replaced my Ghost with Flash. Back when I first started playing Ghost was my "get out of jail free" card. Flash seemed so much better. Instantaneous transportation across minions, trees, ledges. How could anything be better? I ran with Flash up until two days ago.

Two days ago I ran into an extremely gifted player who used Ghost, and boy did he use Ghost. It felt like every 30 seconds that guy was running around like Speedy Gonzales. I was intrigued, and my very next game I swapped out Flash for Ghost.

Lets compare:

Flash - Instantly teleports champion to nearby location. 210 sec cooldown. Boost talent, Blink of an Eye (http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Blink_of_an_Eye), requires 12 points in utility. Reduces your Flash cooldown by 15 seconds, (down to 195.)

Ghost - Champion moves 32% faster for 14 seconds, ignores unit colision. 210 sec cooldown. Boost talent, Haste (http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Haste), requires 0 points in utility. Increases movement speed by 8% while using Ghost, and increases duration by 1.5 seconds.

Is Ghost really better than Flash?

I have to say, yes! Ever since I swapped out Ghost, I feel like my survivability has gone up quite a bit. Flash was VERY effective in getting out of situations when you were next to a treeline or other wall, and snared. Ghost, on the other hand, is effective no matter where you are.

Subsequently if you pop Ghost early, and suddenly the momentum of the fight changes (an ally shows up, an enemy unsuccessfully tower dives, etc.) with Ghost you can move back into the fight pretty quickly. With Flash, you're still stuck at your champion's movement speed. While this situation isn't every fight, I find it happens to me about once a game on average.

The downside?

If you find yourself next to a treeline, with 4 people chain snaring/stunning you, chances are Flash would have saved you while Ghost wouldn't. Instead, to make Ghost save you in this situation requires map knowledge. You have to be able to anticipate your enemy's moves. Are they all travelling in a pack together? If so, if you see one, you can be SURE another one is nearby. Are you laneing against a Poppy/Shako combo, and did the defensive tower hugging Poppy charge out away from the tower? Chances are they're going to gank you. You can't be afraid to pop Ghost early.

I've notice that most of my Flash uses are reactive. That is, I Flash when something significantly eventful happens. And most of my Ghost uses are proactive. That is, I use Ghost to cause something to happen, or prevent something from happening.


I have yet to see a guide which promotes going 12 (or more) points into the Utility tree for any champion. Admittedly I haven't read them all, but this type of a build seems to be uncommon. This is where Ghost gets a nice advantage over Flash. The summoner spell talent booster is 1 point. One very useful point in my opinion. It is very easy to modify pretty much any mastery build to incorporate 1 point into the Utility tree without affecting the overall build. Try doing that with Flash? That said, I do understand that Flash is incredible useful without the bonus talent.


I think I will be sticking with Ghost. I play mostly support characters, Taric, Soraka, etc., and I am really enjoying using Ghost. I understand there are champions out there who would probably be better served with Flash over Ghost, and that there are even champions who find that both Flash AND Ghost are useful (I'm looking at you, Fiddlesticks), and even a few who won't be using either one. But for those of us who religiously use Flash for the most part, I am finding Ghost to be superior Flash. That is as long as you have the LoL experience to use Ghost.

I encourage anyone who has been using Flash to swap it out with Ghost, and switch 1 point into Haste for a few games. Hopefully you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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A Bad Idea

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I ought to try Ghost sometime as Katarina. I've had far too many people escape from me by simply outrunning me and sticking out of my Shunpo range while Flash was cooling down when just one more Shunpo would have finished the job. Although I have to say, doing a 'ninja Shunpo' (Shunpo to enemy, Flash away) is still an incredibly pimp tower dive =D

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Cleanse + Ghost = Winnar.