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Retrieving lversion information...

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My leauge of legends use to disconnect after each match never allowing me to veiw the post game stats. NOW, I just patched today and after that my league stopped working, I could get into team selection but the game would not start and i couldn't actually get into a match, which I imagine dissapointed my teammtes to a great degree and got me reported. So i reinstalled, which by the way was an insane process, if i was not in the least tech savy there is no way I would have gotten as far as I have, after managing to get the game reinstalled My game wouldn't patch from 75/86 and the "launcher would experience and error, please restart." after dealing with this issue by making my LOL.Pathcer.version to LOL.Patcher.Version.bak, it did a couple updates, I saw 1/2 and such now it wont do anything from "retrieving version info" the logs are as follows

03/15/2011 20:11 [INFO] Solid LauncherLib [] initializing...
03/15/2011 20:11 [INFO] Add App[League of Legends Launcher] Exe[C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\lol.launcher.exe] to Windows Firewall

I tried everything In the buggfix section of the forums including reinstalling, using a resistry cleaner, reconnecting my modem, allowing access to the file patch though my firewall, and resetting my dns to public server.

I've spent 3 hours searching the forums and trying out the various fixes suggested, noticing along the way numberous tech problems, and experiencing several of them.

This is rediculous riot, stop making new champions and start fixing your bugged game. The amount of technical problems I have experienced is rediculous, and once DOTA2 comes out, I will turn to that without looking back, the amount of time and money I have spent fixing bugs in this game, and the amount of frustration I have gotten from it is no were near respectful of your playerbase.

Think about players who don't know how to do anything else on a computer except download and install the game, how are they going to deal with any of these issues?

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Just patched today and I'm having the exact same issue.