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someone please save me.

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Seriously anyone wants to duo queue with me I've been playing ranked for a few days and I was 9 wins and 4 loses now I'm sitting at 9/9 bad games I have had first time jarv players on my matches first time nocturnes. amumus laning and asking for solo top or afk. it's freaking sad I need to refreshment please someone help me from going in to ELO hell.

I can really play carry cause I never get first pick and people already have picked AD carry and AP carry by then the times I've played carry I do awesome but it does not always come around I can depend on other to carry me cause in this elo people really have no idea how to build a carry that can survive and harass the lane I see glass cannon trist and Ashe feed like crazy to a corki this is going insane...

I need a player that is able to duo queue or something.