[Information Request] - Leave Buster Status / How It Works

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Captain Dusty

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Hello Team / Fellow Summoners,

I would like to voice some concerns about the 'Leave Buster' system which is 'apparently' in place. At present, I find 7 out of 10 games in the NON RANKED queue are determined simply by which team has the leaver. A further 2 out of 10 are AFKERS. It's rare for me to complete a game (win or loss) and think "Wow. That was a great game." (As above stats would indicate, it's roughly 1 out of 10 - and no I do not think this is an exaggeration.)

The overall game outcome result is determined by;

"<summoner> has disconnected".

At this point; even the full 5 man team will post "GG".

As a result most players in the game will report the summoner at the end of the game. A case of summoner teamwork!

Sure. Things happen. Internet connections suck sometimes? But what's concerning?

When you get to the 'Match Summary' page, you are prompted with users that have nearly as many leavers as wins or losses. Some have more than 100 leaves, and barely 120 wins. I have come across similar cases when reviewing Tribunal reports of leavers. These cases can be so extreme that reviewing their Match History in game will result in every recent game result "Leaver".

Summary: Your 'Leave Buster' system is either NOT WORKING, or is faulty. Can you please post how it works, so your community can review and voice further concerns.

Can players please post their outcomes of RANKED games. I hear these games have a lower count of afk'ers and leavers.