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Improvement Advice

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So I want some serious advice here. I've been playing for a long time now and I feel like I am not improving. I really want to improve but I feel like my time is wasted a lot. I've had over 1100 wins in normal on my account and have leveled 4/5 others accounts to lv30. So if I was playing my account I've probably played about 3000 normal games. I used to play ranked til i ran into a run of games with leavers. I just recently started playing ranked again and realized I still need to improve. At this point, I've tried playing against AI and that's too easy. I feel normal games are mostly one-sided. When I am winning, I feel like I'm playing against an 8 year old. When I'm losing it's usually because we have not one, but 2 feeders and/or leaver. In the last 2 months I've also been playing custom games against my friends who are about same skill level as I am, but usually it's for fun. Such as trying a new guy out or just messing around.

I really want to improve, but it seems like ranked games are not helping. About 40% of the time there is a leaver/someone with connection issues. Which affects the way people play and doesn't neccesarily help improve. In the first place, I think people should not try to improve while playing ranked games. So I want to ask for advice instead of messing someone's day up in ranked games.

So here is what I usually play. For summoner spells, I usually get ghost/exhaust. Sometimes I get ignite or flash instead of ghost depending on character and composition. Ghost to setup kills or escape. Exhaust for slow, blinding dps, and I usually always put a mastery point into exhaust to lower mr and armor. I usually play Annie/Ashe/Warwick/Amumu but I can play a lot of other champions too. Mostly I've been playing annie and ashe to try to carry.

I know what I'm doing in terms of positioning, for the most part. When I lane I try to harrass to deny the enemy/enemies and just last hit minions (I believe this is called zoning). Although, I do know when I need to be aggressive. So early game, I'm usually fine. But it seems like during mid game I find myself saving a lot of people's assis. With my stuns (arrow and annie passive) and exhausts. Sometimes i have to burn ghost for this as well. Now I'm not trying to whine about bad teammates, I just try to help my team and do the best I can. But I will say some ranked games are horrendous. Late games, I usually see my team either being pushed around or doing their own thing eventually leading to them dying one by one.

Help please? Don't want to be wasting my time away.

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The best thing you can do is join a clan.

Start with a clan that labels itself a "fun clan", usually there will be people of all skills in such a one, and they'll oftentimes be much nicer too. Just visit their TS or vent or whatever they've setup for themselves, and say hi. Be friendly and play your best, and you'll soon play along you likes in 5v5 premade vs premade games. That is where you learn the game. (What you know now is pretty much only mechanics).

And I could describe my later experience with other clans, but I think I don't need to. All the other good things will come to you. Someone might want to leave the clan for a competitive clan and ask you to move as well.

The only thing to be wary of is (of course) a clan that houses only people of less than your skill. If you think they are seriously worse than you, then you can either leave them, or take on the role of a squad leader (most even semi-serious clans have squads, albeit maybe by a different name). That'll teach you a lot, maybe even more than just being in a squad, but it'll be the hard way. Just saying...

Additionally, you'll realise you're having much more fun, and that even losses can be exciting things, when you learn how to best defend and maybe even recuperate.