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What's the best way to build TF?

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Any recommended guides? The ones in the guide threads are oudated.

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He is getting taken out of the game no need for a build.

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He is getting taken out of the game no need for a build.

Or you could have just answered his question, (which incidentally was not "Is TF being taken out of the game?&quot

Generally, the most widely acknowledged build is an AP Twisted Fate.

Something like:

Meki + 2HP Pots
Sorc Shoes
Meja's Soulstealer
Rod of Ages

Of course sell the Meki anywhere along the way to finish an item. Might want to skip on the Meja's if you're still learning. Lichbane and RoA could also be switched, pick your poison kind of deal in terms of do you want to do more damage or do you want survivability. Could always just buy a cataylst, then get lich, then finish RoA but by then it might be useless and you could be getting very little bonus stats from it.

Personally, I like a DPS TF too but beware you will get flamed out of your mind if you don't singlehandedly carry your team to victory with it. I've even had enemies calling me noob for going DPS TF after scoring a quadrakill with him but whatever. DPS TF is THE BEST backdoorer in the game thanks to gate and his gold card glitch on inhibs.

A good DPS build:

Meki +2 HP Pots
Berserker Grieves
Infinity Edge
Last Whisper
Phantom Dancer

With Berserker Griever and Last Whisper and Phantom Dancer you'll be able to gold card glitch inhibs to death in about 15 seconds, (including travel time, so yes he's better than Master Yi or Twitch at doing it.)

Also, most people don't fully understand how pick a card works. It deals damage and then bonus damage from the card you drew. This allows for pick a card to proc crits, which remedies something TF suffers from late game, not being able to gank anymore. Critting a gold card with your IE end game and sheen can EASILY net you over 1k damage. Wild cards with 260 base damage on their own will proc another sheen for a 300+ basic attack adding for another 660 damage, even more if you get another crit, which thanks to your passive and items you most likely will. You're looking at something in the realm of a nice 2k damage. Oh and did I mention they were stunned that entire time? Chase and throw another gold card combo to finish them off.

Hope that helped, haha, this almost ended up being a full-on guide! >.<