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[Suggestions] out of match

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Daily Selection:
maybe allow players to select any char to play with a limit of 1 or 3 times per day.

do to the fact that skins are pretty much the soul source of income i HIGHLY suggest this be considered.

1: [most importantly] a "male / female" version of each char.
2: global skins, a skin that can be used on any char. (7 day - 30 day)
3: different skins
changing the color of the armor doesn't count as a different skin.
while i do think that different costume colors should be available for each skin... it seems like they are being treated as a different skin.

skins should be more thought of as themes... i do notice a couple with christmas themes but there should be themes that are more every day also.
school girl
sexy armor
...what ever else people are into.

also skins that change how a char looks...
like my main char is blond with blue eyes but would love it to have brown/black hair and brown eyes.

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Er... this honestly sounds like a pretty bad idea, to be quite honest. The amount of money it would cost to create and implement versus how many people would spend actual money on such minor things is probably not worth it.