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[Suggestion] SAVER System

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it would also run the ip system, as a player could do 5 minutes of work and profit from 60 minutes.

In addition, it does not take 30 seconds to reconnect; that only applies if you have awesome internet, which many of us do not have.
Same with the restarting, my computer takes ~2 minutes to shutdown, and 1:30 to start up. log in is about 20 seconds. The time varies by the number of start up processes (I have about 100 of those, so it takes a while, as well as major modification to my W7 OS).

Other things you should account for are the people who's routers crash. They have to get up, reset their router (which may take 5 minutes if it is an older one), then reconnect.

Good idea in theory, but implementation of it would be quite difficult.

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well.. i would say it could work the sub could like.. play on what ever the char was left at and he/she gains 50-% minus ip/xp or like.. it could be split?

120 ip match = 60 mins so like 60 ip each?
mabye 75% of?

lev 14 Kog'maw dcs
you msg your friend to sub they sub for them and they get to play on the lev 14 kogmaw but gets only 1/2 of what ever they win