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I took riply about translation.

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I spent a feedback about using korean at three days ago, I took a riply at yesterday.


Hi, I`m a translator that want to translate LOL into korean.
I heard you patch that player don`t use kind of 2-byte characters in LOL.
so translating isn`t worked.
but there are many people who want to translate.
English chrs of 1-byte is smaller than 2-byte chrs and
Chinese chrs of 3-byte is larger than it.
Nevertheless 2-byte chrs isn`t used.
and non-translated characters haven`t readability, I mean koreans who don`t know english look to English HARDLY.
so I wish you will patch lol can used korean of 2-byte characters especially.

Thanks for the feedback. I'll forward this idea to the development team. Unfortunately, we won't be able to use your services at this time due to previous agreements with other companies.

Also, if you haven't posted already, the forums are an excellent place for these types of suggestions, the developers are always checking for new ideas from the community.


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I want to know what made you won't be able to use it.
Is that korean company's suggestion?