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Matchmaking if getting worse for me

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Raving Killa

Senior Member


Im not sure what is going on, but over the past few days the matchmaking is giving me worse games ever time I play. Yesterday, I had a game where most of the other team was brand new and then about 10 minutes ago I got a game that had 2 level 5's on my team against 4 30's and a 23. I would understand that this can happen, but it seams to be happening more in the other teams favor then in mine. I am trying to raise my elo so that I can start playing higher level people but I keep getting games were the my team is hopeless.Most games I am the only one to go positive on my team. And even worst is that some times I will have the best record on both teams even being a tank.

I am wondering if it is possible to reset my elo or something so that I can try to get out of this terrible elo bracket. With the way things are going I will slip further away from having a positive win/lose record because the games are already decided before we start playing. Either I play well and we steam role the other team or I play well and I'm the only thing that is stopping the other team winning in 15 minutes.

It is just so discouraging to play with or against people that have a lower skill level then the practice bots.