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Minahs Day

Senior Member


I played a little over 10 games, 14 to be specific and my w/l is 5/9. I'm 1084, started at 1200. Yeah, got a 1200 rating at a 1/5 w/l when they ranked me.

What I've noticed while playing lately is that I always get stuck with the terribad teams, my friend actually got 4 of the 5 wins on my account and 1 loss out of the 9. Yeah, he's the reason I have wins, but enough of that.

Whenever I play ranked, ban goes, Rammus, Shen, Malphite da dee dah, everything is well, right? Then we get to choosing characters. My first ranked match I was last to pick, guess I was the only non-ranked? Everyone picks a character, no one picks tank, everyone picks AD except one vlad, no jungler. I am HORRIBLY bad at jungling Nunu, so I was forced to go jungle Fiddlesticks. I look at the other team roster, they have 1 ap, 1 ad, 1 hybrid, 1 support, 1 tank, perfectly balanced team with great summoner spells. I get stuck with a heal exhaust teemo.

This happens constantly, and because of that one lost game, I am now always last to choose and people always designate the last person to tank. Sad thing is, I don't know how to play any tanks except for Rammus and Shen, they're always banned, and the only "tanks" I own are mundo and nunu. Both, I'm bad at.

Why does the elo always match me with baddies that all just like to instalock their main? I ask for people to tank, they don't. I even tell them I don't have a tank, sometimes someone would look like they're choosing a tank, and right before lock in, they switch over to someone that is REALLY not needed in the team that we have.

How am I supposed to win games with teams like this?

For normal games, your ELO doesn't show, but it somehow is accounted in your queuing.

The people I play with in normal apparently think it's good to last hit your kills with Irelia dashing, or Sona's AoE light damage spell.

It matches me with people that build Nashor's on Lux

Matches me with a 2/10/4 olaf calling my veigar who was 6/2 bad, I ended up with 9/9 because our Alistar would be chasing a guy with 150 hp left with me and he'd run in range to head butt them away from me, and right then that happens, we start to walk back to base and midway, we find ourselves getting ganked by the person we were chasing and two other teammates. Oh yeah, also forgot to mention that they focused Rammus when an AP Ashe and Hybrid Kat were right next to me.

EDIT : The Yi game in my match history is from my friend (not the one who got me the ranked wins) who gets Berserkers even though I always tell him to get Mercs :\