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Tank Jungle Cho'gath

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3 Flat Health Quintessences
9 Attack Speed Marks
9 Flat Armor Seals
9 Magic Resist per Level Glyph

Core Items:
Cloth Armor + 5 Pots
Cloth Armor into Aegis of Legion
Merc Treads
Banshee's Veil
Guardian Angel

The other 2 slots go for different defensive items.

Lot of Casters:
Force of Nature
Abyssal Scepter

Lot of DPS:
Sunfire Cape (this is generally better than Thornmail imo)
Frozen Heart

Summoner Spells:
Ghost + Smite
Always take Smite if you are going to jungle with anyone.

I start with Vorpal Spikes. Start at mana golem if you are protected or if the other team isn't going to gank you at blue. Start at double golems or wraiths if you are feeling paranoid.

Skilling Order:



Always max Vorpal Spikes first because you have the ability to go in close during teamfights to do damage.

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Senior Member


Too much obvious stuff, not enough detail.

Need more on the actual route. Starting at Blue is rather difficult for Cho. He will come fairly close to dying and have little defense if the baddies come right after your buddies leave.

Doing 2 golems sucks because its so far on the other side. Cho needs blue to speed up his jungling, though he doesn't need it immediately.

I always start with Wraiths and Smite the big one. Attack the middle one so my spikes deal max damage.
Then, to wolves, then to blue. I now have Rupture, more health, etc at level 2 which adds a lot more DPS and lets me kill without burning so many health pots and staying at a lot higher life.

From blue one can go back down to 2golem, lizard and gank. I typically go over to their jungle and check their wraiths. If gone, sneak around to their Red and see if I can buffsteal with a quick rupture/scream/smite.

You generally only want 1 level of Spikes because it adds 20 damage at the first level but only 10 per level afterwards. Since cho is a BURST mage, you want to max your burst. That means get a Rupture or a Scream (I prefer scream) maxed ASAP. With his low AS, spikes just doesnt do all that much damage. Even jungling, a good rupture/scream does a lot mroe damage up front, and you have bluebuff.