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I think another thing that needs to be fixed is the qdodge penalty. People shouldn't have to sit through a game when they known in the champion select that someone is gonna troll or not cooperate with the team. Plenty of times I've seen where a team will have 2 or 3 ap carries or something and a tank and the last person will pick MORE ap. The problem with removing the qdodge penalty is that it allows people to be really picky about which team comps they want to play with(so constant dodging ruining the queue). So, people who qdodge should get an additive or multiplicative(up to a maximum) dodge timer before they can requeue(for ranked).

Your idea should be implemented as well to compensate for any trolls/afkers who slip through champion select screening.

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Might as well wait for season two at this point, there's more trolls in ranked than in normal.

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Aww Yisss



I climbed my ****ing rating up to 1100 finally, and then it dropped all the way back down to 989, why? Oh, let me tell you...

Out of the last 20 games, I've had SIXTEEN of them with an afk. Sixteen. I still won some of them, but I lost most. I win almost every game that doesn't have an afk, and I lose almost all the games that I have an afk. Last game, I had a troll WW that called me a n*gger the entire match, and then afk'd at level 9. The round before that, I had TWO afks, Rumble and WW (a different WW). Two rounds before that, I had someone who wanted to surrender at 20, even though were even on towers and kills, and when we said no to the surrender, he raged and afk'd.

How the **** am I getting these people ALWAYS on my team? Is there anyone that can explain this ****ing stupid ****? I wasn't a ****ing rager, but I sure as **** am now. Yes, Elo is ****ing resetting. It doesn't change the fact that the entire other team is GOOD, and my ENTIRE ****ING TEAM IS ****ING BAD.


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This threads actually spawn around these lands since ever the beginning. I remember posting such threads as well. Most of what you get of this is ignorance, mostly because everyone is facing this problem, but not everyone sees a solution in posting that kind of threads.

What you can do, is stop solo queuing, and forget for a time of the competitive ( ranked) gameplay, playing for fun and expecting the less out of the community will decrease the tension a lot. Make friends and try spent more time building a circle of players you trust.

Again, competitive games aren't for everyone, for 80 % of the gamers solo queues will be a 'russian roulette' analogue with 9 out of 10 games to be unpredictable.

I've been around since post-beta times, and to say I always was against this matchmaking system, it gave me a lot of negative to share around the 'community', but all you can really do is accept the fact that this is how it is. And yes this is internetz, you either toll or get trolled also a inevitable process of taking a part in this.

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The vast majority of games near 1000 are full of afkers and feeders. The majority of my games are now losses. Last game, Pantheon mistakenly leeched exp from our jungler, so our jungler freaked out, which made Pantheon upset and he afk'd half the match. Every single player in my team was 0/x/0 and I went 3/3/3.

I want to smash my desk in two.

It is statistically ****ing impossible to get an afk in my team 9/10 games consistently. There must be something broken in the Elo system. I am so baffled, and so incredibly frustrated.

This isn't fun, at all.

So you got 3 assists even though no one else on your team got a kill? That's even more "statistically impossible" than your supposed ratio of afkers.

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I've played other games like LOL that suffer from similar issues but one that I think does a pretty decent job at dealing with this, is a game called LOCO(Land Of Chaos Online). I beta tested it and played the release for a bit and I think Riot can learn a lot from it when it comes to this issue. LOCO's fun factor, server stability, community and balance comes nowhere near LOL standards. Although the 3D Art is of higher quality, it's a pretty terrible game in comparison to LOL. But they have various systems implemented in their game that help players manage/readjust their current game in order to counter this huge detrimental flaw.

I will list the various systems and I would love to hear which one's you guys agree with or can expand on. Also I will try my best to describe how they could be adapted to our system.

1.Each Room Has Two Room Leaders:
Whenever you enter a room, during the champion selection screen, both teams have a leader. This leader has the power to kick/invite players on his/her team only. In LOCO the room leaders are usually players who created the room, but since our rooms are created by matching players according to their rankings, room leaders could be determined by whoever has the highest rank in your team(I think that's fair). Even if you think this is a power that players would abuse, it would help remove people that are AFK or with a high leave rate right out of the queue before the match even starts. Also considering that the person who is made leader is the one with the highest ranking, I would assume that player earned that rank and would like to keep it by not abusing his/her powers.

Another power the Room Team Leaders would have is the power to determine when the match would start. This works as follows, when all the players on that leader's team Ready up, the Leader starts the game. So when a match starts, all players pick their champions/masteries/summoner spells/runes then they hit a Ready button once they're ready. But if they take too long a countdown timer comes up for them which would kick them out if they take too long, it would let that player know if they need to hurry up or it would inform the team leader if he needs to kick them for being AFK and allow another player to enter the room. The same would apply for the Leader if all the players on his team are Ready and the leader hasn't hit their start button, a countdown for the leader to get auto kicked would commence.

2.All Players' Avatars/User Icons Also Display Their Level/Elo & AFK/Leave Rate
You may think, "how would this help?" Well, this simple mechanic is a lot more useful and has more to offer other than just aesthetics. By displaying the player's level/Elo it serves as an indicator of their skill level, what kinds of runes they may have, how many summoner skills they have unlocked, etc(I realize some of these reasons mentioned would only apply to players under level 30 but the Elo ranking display helps everyone).

Now you ask, "How would you display AFK/Leave/Rage-Quit Rate?" Well you can show a percentage number or an exact number of how many times they've left or have been AFK but I think there could be more creative and generalized ways of displaying it. For example, in LOCO they did something cute but effective. They did it with color coded emoticons; they would have just 5 little faces I believe, and the color spectrum ranged from Yellow to Red(Yellow being good, Red being bad) and the expressions on the emoticons faces would range from a Happy Smile to an Angry Frown(everyone is familiar with emoticons and they're easy to interpret). The advantage of displaying this would be to let players know if this person Leaves/AFKs often and they can kick them at champion selection or just be aware.

3.Teams That Have Missing Members Are Allowed To Receive Assistance
If a player leaves or gets auto kicked for being AFK they should not linger at the spawn or be allowed to come back into the game. They should be removed from the game and create an open spot where another player that chooses to go into an "Assist" queue can join the game instead. This new assist player would be granted the same level and gold accumulated as the lowest level person in the current game so they can do their skills and build their items as soon as they get in game to start assisting(making them like the lowest level player from either team in the current game is a fair way of letting them in without the risk of turning them into a feeder.

Now of course this assist system would require some thought but it could really open up a lot of avenues for game play and for players. Like there could be a few things that can be rewarded for assisting. Like if a player assists they can reduce a portion of their own AFK/Leave rating since they went in to help that team. But maybe only reward the reduction if the player helps that team win. Like if you're a player that has 1 Leave and then you assist another team to victory, you're now back to 0 Leaves. So in a way it would be a system of redemption. You could also reward IP/Exp only for assists, but not affect the Elo rating of the player that is assisting, that way the Elo Rankings don't get abused.

Would love to hear you guys' opinion or input on this

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Can't agree more here. Something needs to be done for this. Such an easy fix. Come on riot.

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This is worth posting on!

This is my biggest complaint about LoL (right next to being stuck with bad players in general). I believe that I have lost 15 ranked games now, and at least 7 have had 1 or more leavers/afkers. I've avoided it since then.

I entered into ranked games expecting a higher level of play, more compentent players, etc, but so far I mostly been met with the same bad players and many leavers. Fail =(

Please do something. I agree with lightening the negatives for losses when someone has left. The leaver should assume all/most/some of the team's penalty.

Hearing that the ELO will reset anyway, I may do try it some more.

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Petition riot. Technically Riot is being sponsored by some higher companies that have them on a leash. Make a thread somewhere appropriate, label it appropriately, and have players sign it if they agree. Make it a valid expression of a problem (in this case, the community and the severe lack of riots attempt to fix it) and e-mail it to said companies that own riot once you have like 500 signatures.

Just outline the problem, why its a problem, what the particular areas of trouble are, and then how it could possibly be fixed/what has failed to fix it so far.

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really dont care anymore ... when i lose 45 matches in a row because 4x5 games 3x5 games ...

and i go to elo hell for that , i kind giving much shhiit anymore ...

the problem is how to get out ELO HELL ...