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Resolution really hurting my gameplay.

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My old laptop just died out, it was 1680x1050. I had gotten very used to this resolution, as it gave me excellent view during the laning phase.

All I have left is a weaker laptop with a 1366x768 screen, and to be honest, the game is unplayable for me. I can only see half of mid lane at any given time, I can't see the side brushes on both sides , and it's causing me to play extremely passive, to the point that I lose a lot of easy kills just because I can't really see what's going on around me as well.

Is there any way to bug out my monitor in a way that I can raise the resolution, Even if things look stretched, or compact. I could play this game with 8-bit graphics, I just need to be able to see as much of the map as possible to play effectively.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Well I remember on win xp I could put in a non existent resolution and it would smish the screen to make it work but since the computer doesn't work that way normally you might have some issue with your graphics. On windows 7 the only way I found to do it on my laptop was by going into the registry and unlocking screen resolutions. If you google changing screen resolution on a netbook it ought to come up.

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Unfortunately Resolutions are restricted by one of two things:

- Monitor maximum resolution
- Graphics card maximum resolution

Most modern graphics cards can handle quite high resolutions, but quite often the limit is the monitor. For example I have 2x ATI Radeon HD 5870's in Crossfire at home, and a 28" monitor and a 19" monitor. My 28" monitor is on 1920x1200 resolution, however my 19" is only 1280x1024 because that's the max resolution it can handle. Anything outside it's scope simply displays a blank screen :-(

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I play perfectly fine on 1366x768 :P

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I Am A Bot LOL



i play at 720p when my monitor supports 1080p so i can multitask, for some reason I can play perfectly fine