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help me be a better amumu

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iv been playing jungle amumu, and all thou iv been doing good i fell like i could be doing better. Any constructive help will be appreciated.

my set up

mpen marks hp quents armor seals and mage resit glyphs
i run 1/16/13 smite, 3/3 hardness 3/3 resistance 3/3 strength of spirit 2/2 defense mastery 3/3 harden skin 2/4 veteran's scars, 1/3 good hands 3/3 perseverance 2/3 expended mind 3/3 awareness 2/2 utility master

my jungle path

start at wrath wolfs golems back buy blue buff wolfs wrath golem go gank if i haven't all ready. or counter jungle

e w w e ( q if i fell like i need to gank soon) q r then e>w>q


start with mana crystal then cloth armor when i b rush ROA, boots (CDR) sunfire RO, RS
i normally get around 3.5 4k hp at the end

i fell like at the end of the game im still suffering from lack of cdr my survivability i think is ok. i can get in and out of most team fights and am able to to last long, dish out good damage. Im looking for any tips on what i could do or build different

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Hm... sounds like the Stonewall Jungle Route.

Personally I think the Mana Crystal start is situational and geared more towards when you need a fast banshees.

RoA is pretty lackluster on Amumu. That's why Cloth Armor + Potions routes are nice. You can build straight into HoG if there's decent physical, or you can go Aigis for a balanced team.

Late game, you simply choose any of the available CDR items. Elixer of Brilliance is a pretty nice bang for your buck too. Personally I just get more tanky, grabbin stuff like Randuins, Abyssal, or Thornmail.

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Corsican Giant



I agree, the RoA really isn't the best for him. I personally start with the obvious cloth armor +5 pots, grab level 1 boots my first time back and then rush a sunfire cape as quickly as possible. That's when my game normally starts to go well for me and my farm really picks up. After that I'd usually finish my boots and most games I'd go for an abysmal scepter next before jumping into the stronger tank gear and I usually do pretty well with him that way.

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With amumu i typically get my boots 1 and hog as quick as I can.

Then I get a negatron, giants belt, and turn the belt into sunfire. Then upgrade boots and negatron to either fon or bv, depending on the setup. After this I'll go for rylias, and finish hog to randuins.

At that point, it's pretty much done.

end built -
boots, sunfire, force of nature, rylias, randuins,

I like your path, since you'll have blue buff a bit late, letting it last more into your ganking time, so you're not oom so much... But you gotta weigh your options... If they have a cocky jungler, he could go steal your blue before you even get there. This happens less on item dependent champs (onces that need their razor before they can really jungle), but if you're against a caster jungler like Fiddle or Nunu, who gain tons of damage just from leveling up... they can easily come by your blue early and take it. When the enemy jungler is one of these, you might want to start blue just so it isn't denied. Fortunately these champs are less threatening at level 1.

Also if they have a champ that is quick to gank, like jarvan, nunu, or chogath, who could go for a gank at level 2 without detracting from their jungle ability, you might be a bit behind them as far as jungle control goes if you're not able to bring wards back on your first base.

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cloth armor/five pots and start blue, get someone to leash it and hit a few times which really speeds up the jungle speed smite blue. after blue go wolves, wraiths, golems and red(smite will be up). you can finish in 4 minutes ~ . then i usually go gank if someone is really overextended/low, otherwise i back and buy boots + ward/potions first. those runes/masteries are good thats what i use also. I usually rush two hearts of gold and merc treads, then build sunfire/banshees. if they are really AP heavy get banshees first.